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Keep Marijuana Illegal, Only If You Believe That the State Owns Your Body

On the radio this morning was a discussion of the legalization of marijuana. It seems that the talk show host was against it. He brought up all the stoned people who would be walking around or driving on the roads. That sure was the case when they ended prohibition of alcohol — all those drunks out there now. Why, every time I look out my window, one person after another walks by completely plastered, bumping into the light post and saying, “Excuse me, sir,” and all the constant traffic accidents caused by those drunk drivers — there are at least three of them every half-hour. So, we better not legalize marijuana, it’s bad enough that alcohol was legalized. And so on and so forth.

Another point I want to make is that, if you believe that the government should have the power to determine what you may or may not put into your own body, then it is not really your own body. If you own your own body, then of course you have the right to put into it whatever you want, as long as you take responsibility for the consequences of your decisions and your actions. But that’s not the situation we have now, is it?

I know that I’ve brought up some of these radical ideas before, but I guess it’s time to do so again. So, not only do we not live in a “free” society, but it really is the opposite of that, a completely State-owned, government-owned society. Just about all people really believe that America is a “private-property” society, when no, not really. Only on paper and superficially are property, industry and the means of production owned privately, by individual and group private owners. But in reality, everything is publicly government-owned. That includes all businesses, everyone’s homes, and, given that the means of production includes the people, the people themselves. I’ve explained that here in my article on the true communist nature of today’s conservatives, and, as I wrote here regarding the immigration issue,

The conservatives support the federal government’s central planning of the population as far as who gets in and who doesn’t. And with such central planning, they thus support the collective ownership of the entire territory. However, when the collective assumes ownership and control of an entire territory, then everything within the territory goes with that collective (or State) control.

It is impossible to empower a collective population with that kind of group territorial ownership but at the same time say that each individual, each parcel of “private” property, and each business within the territory is privately owned, and that each private owner has ultimate control and sovereignty of one’s property, business, and one’s life. In reality, each individual is merely “renting space,” and is owned by the collective.

Actually, the more I witness the increasing power of the government — especially the federal government — the more I see that, the idea of “collective” or public ownership of everything within the territory is itself a superficial notion (like that of “private” property). It really is the government — the State — that has the ultimate ownership of everything, including the people, and that includes every aspect of the people’s lives, their homes, their business, and their own bodies. (Which aren’t really “theirs,” are they?)

But regarding marijuana, that seems to be a very unhealthy drug to ingest. There are many different dangerous chemicals in marijuana, some found to be cancerous. It negatively affects your cognitive abilities, and affects people’s memory. (More recent research here and here.) And alcohol is bad for your cognitive abilities as well. As far as smoking marijuana (or cigarettes too) is concerned, what one is doing is inhaling directly into one’s lungs the waste of burning garbage, frankly. Our lungs do not want burning garbage to be inhaled into them, as they need clean air to function best. People don’t realize how sensitive the lungs really are. But whatever, it should be the individual’s choice, and one’s responsibility for its consequences as well — that is, if we really do want to have a society in which the individual’s right of self-ownership is respected by others, and in which the individual’s life and person are not enslaved and owned by the State.

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