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Gov. Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts State Legislature: Anti-Due Process Fascists

According to the Boston Globe, a bill that was rushed through the Massachusetts state legislature proposes to require the submission of fingerprints to a state police database and “forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” that would apply to “teachers, workers at child care centers, school bus drivers …” and “everyone seeking to adopt children or become foster parents as well as employees of school departments who may have direct, unmonitored contact with children.” Gov. Patrick has said he thinks he will sign the anti-civil liberties bill.

What is it with all these authoritarian collectivists who just refuse to accept the idea that individuals have the right to presumption of innocence and due process? They seem to want to treat entire groups of people as criminal suspects, and to hell with the rule of law.

I have already written about Frau Feinstein’s compulsion to not only disarm and make defenseless totally innocent, law-abiding people, but fingerprint them as criminal suspects. These government bureaucrats and their supporters and minions hysterically react to one isolated incident and with nothing but emotion and no rational thought they enact sweeping police-state policies which make the entire population less secure and more vulnerable.

According to the Globe article on fingerprinting innocent people who work with kids, “Lawmaker approval of the measure came just weeks after authorities announced an indictment against a convicted sex offender they say videotaped himself sexually assaulting children from his wife’s unlicensed day care business.”

So, because this one perv-thug acted criminally against innocent human beings, we must then treat everyone else like criminals? Sorry, that’s just not the American way. And the same goes for all the emotionally hysterical gun-grabbing reactions to the Sandy Hook shooting.

Perhaps Gov. Patrick has never read the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but I have. As I noted regarding Frau Feinstein’s latest attempt at population subjugation, the Fourth Amendment clearly states the “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…” That means that we all have a right to be secure.

Fingerprinting is a search of one’s person, it is evidence taken in the processing of criminal suspects who have been arrested based upon reasonable suspicion. So to seize this personal, private information about someone from one’s very person and keep such information in a database, without reason to suspect someone of any crime is an egregious violation of one’s right to be secure, one’s right to presumption of innocence and one’s right to due process.

If Deval Patrick and his fellow police state fascists were truly concerned with protecting children, they would stop supporting making the schools into Stasi-like, Orwellian spy centers, terrorism centers and prisons, they would in fact take themselves and fellow bureaucrats out of education entirely and make education free again completely (and, of course, advocate homeschooling as well).

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