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End the Growing Neanderthal Rule in America: Repeal Drug Laws, Decentralize and De-Monopolize Community Policing

Today, Radley Balko begins a series of daily posts featuring one police raid each day. In today’s post, he tells of a S.W.A.T. team raid in Miami:

Today’s featured raid is the March 1996 raid in Miami, Florida that claimed the life of 73-year-old retired salesman Richard Brown.

The police in Miami had received a tip from an informant that Brown, who had no criminal record, was selling drugs from his small apartment. So they sent the SWAT team. The police claimed at the time that Brown began firing at them as soon as they entered his home. So they fired back.

And they fired back.

And they fired back.

By the time they were finished, they had pumped 123 rounds into Richard Brown’s apartment—nine of them into Richard Brown…

You see, when you receive a “tip,” Mr. and Ms. Police Officer, one thing that you need to do first is check for a criminal record of the one who has been “tipped” on. So far, you know that Mr. Brown is 73 and has NO criminal record! That should be the end of discussion! Further investigation is needed before any contact might occur with the new “suspect.” Someone who is 73 and has no criminal record is obviously not going to be engaging in illegal activity. I say “obviously,” because people with a brain can see that. (What if he was 23 and had no criminal record? Well, the police can do some kind of investigating first, before they go raiding and murdering.)

The police never found any drugs. They did find something else, which they weren’t expecting: Brown’s 14-year-old great-granddaughter Janeka, whom he had raised. They found her cowering in the bathroom. When the raid began, Brown had told the girl to take the phone into the bathroom, to call the police, and to wait until it was safe. So she waited, prayed, and trembled as bullets dug into the walls around her. When she finally came out, she saw the bloodied body of the man who had adopted and raised her slouched in his bedroom closet. Janeka Brown would later receive a $2.5 million settlement from the city of Miami.

No, she shouldn’t have received $2.5 million from the city, i.e. taxpayers who are not responsible for murderous, incompetent knuckle-dragging neanderthals’ irresponsible behavior. She should have received $2.5 million from each and every one of those “law enforcement” officers, from their personal bank accounts and their own personal assets. That is what real justice would be, in my view.

The story gets more juicy after that. More and more dishonesty and corruption, lies and deceit came out in this case, and this isn’t just Miami, or New York, or Chicago, it’s everywhere in the corrupt, decaying Banana Republic of Amerika.

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