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The Recent School Shootings and The Emotional Gun Grabbers

There has been another mass shooting, in which 20 kids and several adults were murdered by a psychopath. Once again, the emotional calls for more or stricter gun control are coming out of the woodwork. The news media are loaded with people who respond to these events with pure emotionalism and no rational thought whatsoever.

Here are my main points regarding the issue of the right of self-defense, the right to bear arms vs. the hysterical gun-grabbers:

1. Because criminals who murder, rob, assault, and rape don’t obey laws against murder, robbery, assault and rape, then obviously they will not obey laws regarding guns. Duh.

2. Had just one adult at that school who was nearby been armed, he or she could have taken out the shooter soon after his shooting began. The armed school worker could then have saved the lives of 20 or more of those people there by shooting the shooter.

3. The reason the early Americans wrote the 2nd Amendment into the Constitution was mainly to protect the people’s right to defend themselves against a tyrannical government.

Below is a list of articles to read to elaborate on those and other points.

And at the end of this post is the video of Sen. Tom Coburn discussing then-Supreme Bureaucrat nominee Elena Kagan on the 2nd Amendment and the right of the individual to self-defense. In her incomprehension of the idea of self-defense, Kagan speaks for the entire Obomber Administration and the Left who defend the rights of violent criminals but not their victims, and who believe that the State’s authorities and bureaucrats must be armed but the civilian population must be disarmed.


A Victory for Gun Rights and Freedom by Jacob Hornberger

How Unalienable Rights Become Privileges by Karl Denninger

The Real Reason They Arrested Brandon Raub: Strip Him of His Right to Bear Arms by The Daily Bell

Norway and Gun Control by Jacob Hornberger

When They Come for Your Guns … You Will Turn Them Over by Jim Karger

Ready, Aim … Submit! — Why They Will Take Your Guns From Your Cold Dead Hands by Jeff Berwick

UN Arms Trade Treaty on Small Arms: Gun Grab Gradualism by Thomas Eddlem

ATF’s Latest Gun Grab by Nita Ghei

A Gun-Free Zone at Fort Hood by Jacob Hornberger

The Phony War on Cops and the Real War on Us by Kevin Carson

The Original Black Panthers’ Pro-Gun Rights History by Adam Winkler

Black Americans’ Right to Bear Arms by Ann Coulter


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