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More Commentary on the Recent School Schootings and Gun Control

Jacob Hornberger has a post today regarding the recent Newtown, Connecticut school shootings, making some of the same points that I made briefly in my post, and elaborating on some other points. Hornberger notes the irrationality of gun laws, and remarks about the crazed shooter, “No doubt much to the surprise of statists, he didn’t say, ‘Golly, even though I want to murder all those children, I can’t do it because it’s illegal for me to carry my gun onto school property.’”

Regarding these laws to ban guns, Hornberger points out that such bans are as effective as laws against drugs: “… all that gun control would do is convert the business of owning guns into a black-market enterprise. That means gun gangs, gun cartels, robberies, muggings, and all the other things that come into existence with a black market. If you like the war on drugs, you’ll love the war on guns.”

And Hornberger notes regarding the gun-free government schools:

So, does that mean that the solution is to let public-school teachers and administrators carry guns to school? Not for us libertarians. We have no interest in telling the state how to run its schools. For us, public schooling is an inherently immoral and destructive institution. It should be dismantled completely, in favor of a total free market in education. See The Future of Freedom Foundation’s book Separating School and State: How to Liberate America’s Families by Sheldon Richman.

A free market in education would put families, not the state, in charge of their children’s education. Some people would choose schools that are not gun-free zones. Others would choose schools that are. The same principle of freedom of choice would apply to a vast array of other things — schools that are general in nature and others that specialize in things like music, religion, math, liberal arts, or science. Some parents would choose to have their children be educated without schools.

But the point is that in a free market, people are able to get what they want, as compared to having the state force it upon them and their children. As things stand now, most families have no effective choice at all — the state forces them to send their children into a gun-free institutions where their children are defenseless against murderers.

Hornberger also points out America’s violent war culture, especially of the past 20 years now, with needless and counter-productive wars started by the U.S. government in Iraq since 1991, and Afghanistan. Plenty of children overseas have been murdered by these wars’ bombs, bullets and drones. William Grigg makes these same points in his article today on the hypocrisy of our current murderer-in-chief, and Arthur Silber made similar points in his post yesterday.

Hornberger concludes his post today stating that the very essence of the right to bear arms is for the people to defend themselves when the government becomes oppressive and tyrannical, which the U.S. government is well on its way to being.

History has shown that when the military and the police have a monopoly over the ownership of guns, freedom doesn’t exist long in those societies. People must obey whatever edicts are issued by government officials and they must submit to whatever government officials do to them. As Judge Alex Kozinsky put it in his dissenting opinion in the case of Silveira vs. Lockyer, giving the government a monopoly over the ownership of guns is a mistake that people can make only once. It becomes too late to make it again because the deprivation of liberty becomes permanent given the inability of people to violently resist it. As our American ancestors understood so well, the right to keep and bear arms is the best insurance policy against tyranny.

Now, a lot of sheeple are in denial these days that our very own government could possibly turn against us, (“It can’t happen here,” and so on.), yet that is exactly what our government has been doing. Look at the TSA and how those criminals treat innocent travelers, and look at how cops are bullying, intimidating, assaulting, tasing, unlawfully arresting, shooting, wounding and murdering innocent civilians on a daily basis. Combine all that with these modern day cops’ steroid-enhanced macho-criminality, and how militarized today’s local police department are, and this spells disaster for a free, peaceful society, and for the freedom of every human being to go about his or her business and not be in fear of government police or military bureaucrats doing God-knows-what to them.

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