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Kerry Endorses Ed Markey: The Power-Craving Democrats Want to Ensure a Special Election Win

Massachusetts U.S. Sen. John Forbes “Liveshot” Kerry has already endorsed U.S. Rep. Ed Markey to become Kerry’s replacement in the senate if Kerry does become the next U.S. Secretary of State. Markey had just announced his intention to run a day before the endorsement.

Given Kerry’s endorsement of Ed Malarkey, the other prominent prospective Democrat candidates for the special election might as well not even run.

Already since the Kerry endorsement, one prospective candidate, U.S. Rep. Niki Tsongas, has now dropped out of contention. Tsongas is the widow of the late Sen. Paul Tsongas, who was replaced by John Kerry in the Senate in 1985. And Victoria Reggie Kennedy, widow of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, gave a statement praising Markey but not outright endorsing him. Mrs. Kennedy may be selected by Gov. Deval Patrick to temporarily hold Kerry’s senate seat until the special election.

Two other prospective candidates include U.S. Reps. Stephen Lynch and Mike Capuano. Lynch has no chance in a primary as he voted against the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. “ObamaCare”) and he is considered to be “against abortion rights,” whatever the hell that means. Though Lynch could have a chance running as a Republican.

However, Capuano has issued a somewhat aggressive statement in response to the Kerry endorsement of Malarkey, according to CBS Boston: “’It seems that the big names of our party are trying to choose our nominee for us,’ Capuano said in a statement. ‘When I became Mayor of Somerville the establishment wasn’t with me. When I became a Member of Congress the establishment wasn’t with me. If I make this run it will be the same way- from the streets up, not from the elite down.’”

Have the swallows returned to Capuano?

Meanwhile, on the Republican side, Scott Brown hasn’t stated whether or not he will run in this special election, only months after his defeat by Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren. In a general election between Markey and Brown, there would be little difference between the two socialists, in my opinion. The useful idiots in Massachusetts who think of themselves as “conservative” supported Brown in January 2010 to replace Ted Kennedy in that special election, and again for reelection last month. Scott Brown has been lovingly supportive of Willard Romney’s medical fascism/socialism (a.k.a. “RomneyCare”), and is as much an environmentalist wacko as Ed Markey is.

I noted here what Scott Brown wrote on his January 2010 campaign website. On his campaign website at the time, Brown wrote that he “voted to increase the use of clean energy biofuel in MA,” “consistently supported funds for town recycling programs,” “voted for statewide Climate Change standards to reduce pollution,” “led the effort to promote alternative energy vehicles,” and so on. And as a U.S. senator, Brown voted for the Dodd-Frank corporatism, that anyone who actually read through that piece of crap would have opposed. Scott Brown is really just another economic ignoramus with a pretty face, an unprincipled political opportunist who likes power.

So if Carla Howell decides to reenter politics and run for this senate seat, she ought to run as a Republican rather than a Libertarian. It would be a genuine “small-government” Republican versus the Big Government Republican Clown Brown and Big Government Democrats. Or perhaps the “other Joe Kennedy,” the one who is not related to the regular Kennedys and who ran in that January 2010 election as the third party candidate against Brown and Martha Coakley, could run in this special election, but as a Republican rather than a Libertarian. (See the debate video among Brown, Coakley and the other Joe Kennedy at the bottom of this post.)

In 2010, Ed Markey’s Republican opponent, Gerry Dembrowski, had this video, in which he went around Markey’s own neighborhood and talked to the people there. No one there ever saw Markey around in his own neighborhood. One neighbor said that Markey doesn’t even live there anymore. The video partially quotes from the U.S Constitution, Article 1, Section 2, which states that a representative must actually live in the district he represents.

“Ed Markey: The Undocumented Congressman”:

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