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“Grover, Please Agree to Raise Taxes!”

It’s a good thing that WGBH radio in Boston airs the audio of the MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour (without the MacNeil and without the Lehrer) form PBS. When I used to watch TV, I watched that program with the aforementioned hosting, during years that the show was much less biased.

Well, last night I heard Judy Woodruff interview “anti-tax crusader” Grover Norquist, regarding the current “fiscal cliff” negotiations and the fights between the Obama Administration and Congressional Republicans. After writing “Judy Woodruff,” I almost included “(D-Washington)” because she really seemed like she was a paid Democrat flunky, working on behalf of Obama and Nancy Lugosi to try to convince Norquist to agree to raise taxes. Perhaps her name should be “Judy Biased.”

Okay, maybe It’s just me, and maybe Woodruff really was just trying to be “objective,” or play “devil’s advocate” to Norquist’s position. But she really seemed like she was trying to convince Norquist of the Democrats’ tax-thieving point of view, as opposed to merely pointing out those arguments.

Ms. Woodruff brought up the election exit polls in which, she insinuated, the voters felt that raising taxes would be necessary, like some poll has some importance (as opposed to the historical record of tax raising just in the past 30 years that Norquist brought up). And then she brought up the Republicans who were abandoning their pledge to not raise taxes, like they actually have any legitimacy whatsoever. And then she brought up specifically the spending cuts that Democrats are alleged to have promised to make, such as in Medicare, like that’s really going to affect anything in the long term.

Maybe it’s just me, but what I heard from Judy Woodruff (D-Washington) was “Oh, Grover, can’t you see how necessary it is that we raise taxes to fix the budget problems? Why can’t I convince you that it’s soooo obvious how important it is that we raise taxes! It’s just so obvious, it’s a no-brainer, for crying out loud!”

Norquist pointed out the near-impossibility of Congressthieves actually cutting spending as promised when they raise taxes. The more they take from the people, the more they will spend. That’s just the way politicians are in a system that is based on theft and coercion.

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