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Post from a Year Ago on People’s Ignorance of Israel-Gaza Conflict

I found this post from December 30 of 2011, regarding talk radio blabbermouth Michael Savage’s ignorance of the Israel-Gaza conflict. I have been hearing similar ignorance this week from other talk show hosts (I’ve gotta stop listening to talk radio one of these days!), including Michael Graham, who referred to a protest at a university as being in support of “Hamas,” when, no, it was in fact in support of the Palestinians. Unfortunately, many ignorant people have developed their views that “Hamas” and “terrorist” = “Palestinian,” based on all the government-news media propaganda. (I think it’s really because those people just want to believe that.)

Anyway, here is that post from December 30, 2011, with links provided at the end. (I got rid of any links that no longer work.):

December 30, 2011

Sorry for the over-Savage this week, but I want to continue from my blog post yesterday regarding Michael Savage’s lying and smearing of Ron Paul from the night before, because last night Savage continued his tirade. But I don’t really have too much time today, so I am just going to have to leave some links for further details after I write this.

Last night Savage was going on about Ron Paul, this time about how Paul is siding with Hamas regarding the Gaza-Israel conflicts. Savage played a clip of Paul referring to Gaza as a “concentration camp,” which Savage found to be ludicrous. That is because Savage probably never has been to Gaza. Dr. Paul was probably referring to Gaza since the 2008-2009 “Cast Lead” war between the Israeli military and Hamas. Hamas has been the ruling agency of Gaza since 2007.

The Israeli military’s response to Hamas’s firing of rockets into Israel was an example of extreme overkill. The December 2008-January 2009 “Cast Lead” war killed many more Palestinians than Israelis. (Here is a graphic showing the disproportionately small number of Israelis killed in conflicts since 1987 compared to Palestinians killed.) The Israeli military severely damaged the Gazans’ water and sewage treatment centers (just as the U.S. military had done to Iraq in 1991), and the subsequent blockade prevents materials from being brought in to Gaza to make repairs (just as the sanctions and no-fly zones had done to Iraq throughout the 1990s). And just as in Iraq throughout the 1990s, the Gaza population have had to use untreated water.

And also, because of Israel’s blockade of Gaza, well over a million Palestinians are not allowed to travel outside of Gaza, not even for needed medical treatment. More recently, Hamas also has imposed travel restrictions on their own people. And many people are completely unaware of the Jewish settlers’ treatments of Palestinians, including stealing lands and homes with the consent of the Israeli government.

Here is video of Pat Buchanan in 2009, describing Gaza as a “concentration camp.” Unfortunately, because of propaganda that is spoon-fed to the masses from the Israeli and U.S. governments, many people have the mistaken belief that “Palestinian” = “terrorist.” There are over a million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, and only a minute fraction of them are members of Hamas. Savage referred to the million+ civilians in Gaza as “Hamas.” I challenge Michael Savage to actually visit Gaza and meet the Palestinians there, and see how things are there for himself. By the way, Israel did in fact create Hamas, as a way to deal with the PLO, which has been just as counter-productive to them as has the U.S. government’s creation of al Qaeda to deal with the Russians in Afghanistan, more examples of central planning run amok.

Here are some articles for further reading:

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