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More on the Texting Zombies and our Useless Elections

Karen De Coster has this article on the “Dysfunctional Texting Idiocracy.” I very much recommend it, as it expresses my own thoughts and feelings about people and their cell phones as a second sexual organ for them to play with (sorry). I can’t believe the number of people I see on a daily basis, looking down at their cell phones, like zombies. No wonder our election comes down to the lowest demagogues possible, Obomber and Rombo. I think that Rand Paul might be one of those cell phone zombies, and that it has affected his judgment. Not only has Rand endorsed Willard Rombo and his platform of war, murders of innocents, indefinite detention of Americans and foreigners, and ObomneyCare, but Rand has also been RoboCalling for Todd Akin. (Yuck.) Are you a cell phone-texting zombie? Put the damn cell phone away, for crying out loud!

But thank God this election is almost over. Tonight is the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign, if there is to be one. (I don’t think there will be.)

On the race between indumbent U.S. Senator Scott Brown and challenger Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren, the polls are showing that it’s too close to call. Given how in the debates Brown harshly went after Warren’s “native American” claims and her apparently illicit corporate lawyering, which I think lost him many voters, it seems to me that Warren will probably win. They are both sleazebags and fascists. (Where’s Carla Howell when we need her?)

I don’t have a prediction as far as who wins the presidential election today. I don’t care who wins, as nothing will change either way. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but central planning doesn’t work. It just won’t work. People need to wake up and smell the coffee and face that fact. Lew Rockwell and Anthony Gregory mirror my thoughts about the presidency itself. It is useless, no one should have any power at the federal level, and if there is to be a “president,” it should merely be ceremonial, and that’s it!

The Knappster gives his prediction in electoral college votes: 303 for Obomber and 191 for Rombo. Arthur Silber also predicts that Obomber will win and he explains why that will be (or was meant to be). Anthony Wile had further elaboration on the same theme a month ago. And, according to Infowars, bookies are betting on Obama, big time.

And Tom Woods comments: “No matter what happens today, tomorrow we’ll still be fighting the same old fight. You can either find this depressing, or actually take comfort in it.” Yeah, I suppose.

Robert Wenzel has this update from Anonymous, that Ron Paul’s campaign manager Jesse Benton was paid off to intentionally sabotage the Ron Paul campaign. Jesse Benton, by the way, is married to Dr. Paul’s granddaughter. I hope she divorces him. Speaking of the Paul family, I’m sure Rand is already conjuring up his 2016 campaign for President. Except that there probably won’t be an America as we know it by 2016. Oh, well.

I received many emails responding to my recent article, Americans Proudly Voting for Evil. Sorry I can’t reply to all of them. One emailer quoted a passage that contained links, and the emailer asked what I meant by this or that. You see, if you’re reading something, and a passage comes up that you don’t quite understand, if it contains links the reason for the links is for the reader who doesn’t quite understand to actually click on the links for further reading and get further explanations of whatever it was you didn’t understand.

Anyway, that’s all for You-Know-What Day today. Oh, and here is a new one from Infowars, Obama: “You Know I Tell the Truth.” They present videos with Obama’s past lies, showing that “You know I tell the truth” is yet another one of his many lies. (That is what politicians do best.)

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