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Will a Romney Win Cause Rioting?

The Economic Collapse Blog asks whether U.S. presidential election results could cause rioting across America, especially if Barack Obama loses. The writer quotes several tweets from Obama supporters who say they will riot if Willard Milhaus Romney wins. Apparently, they have the misconception that a President Romney will take away their welfare, food stamps and EBT cards.

The Romney supporters whose tweets were quoted are largely saying they will not riot but just leave America if Obama wins reelection. Note how the ones who are dependent on government subsidies are saying they will resort to violence, while the ones who are afraid of a second Obama term just want to run away. The Left is where the violence comes from.

It is the very nature of government redistribution of wealth schemes to consist of violence or the threat of violence: the beneficiaries are the recipients of funds extracted through force or coercion against others, whether said beneficiaries are welfare and food stamps recipients or the military-industrial-security complex. (I have addressed here and here how the “conservatives” are a part of the Left when it comes to the inherent violent nature of their intrusive policies.)

But both sides whose tweets were mentioned in the article (cited above) are exhibiting misperceptions of Romney. On the one hand, the Romney opponents think he’s for “the rich,” and will reduce or eliminate government welfare programs, food stamps, etc. But Romney is in fact just as much an unthinking reactionary socialist as Obama. Romney will not reduce any government spending on social programs, including food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, or education. He’s even going to keep “some parts” of ObamaCare that he approves of (i.e. he won’t repeal ObamaCare, and he loves the fascist mandate).

And also, I think that Romney is using all those failed, miserable neocons as foreign policy advisors just to seem “tough,” but after he’s elected, Romney will show that he has been influenced by Ron Paul and reduce military spending, close some foreign military bases, and I don’t think he will be fellating Benjamin Nutty-Yahoo as much as he seems to be doing now.

And the Romney supporters have similar misperceptions of Romney as well. They are the supposedly “anti-socialist” conservatives, the “American exceptionalists,” who actually believe Romney’s “capitalist” rhetoric. Like Obama, Romney is full of you-know-what. They are both political opportunists and hacks, and extreme narcissists.

But I hope that those people who are promoting rioting are just morons shooting their fat mouths off, and they really won’t be doing those things. They didn’t seem to be rioting when the Republicans took over the House again after the 2010 elections. Hmmm. Why would this election be any different?

But the fact that Obama was elected in 2008 based on all his “anti-war” rhetoric, and “transparency” and “hope and change,” and he then turns out to expand military adventurism overseas, keep Gitmo open, expand the war on drugs and the war on government whistleblowers, and deport more immigrants than recent previous presidents, shows what gullible suckers a lot of people are.

And the fact that so-called “conservatives” nominated a very leftish socialist Big Government sleazebag like Romney (when they had their chance with Ron Paul for real conservatism, real smaller government and lower taxes, and more freedom) really does show what gullible suckers a lot of people are.

The rioting, looting and marauding will not be caused by Romney getting elected President if he wins. They will be caused by very angry youths who are screwed up on drugs (street drugs, prescription drugs shoved down their throats by government schools, high-fructose corn syrup, etc.), raised in abusive homes, and also by hungry people who have been struck by food shortages, and also by just plain ignorant and stupid people who were raised to love the government, brainwashed by many years of government schooling to be obedient slaves to the State. The food and energy shortages and stoppages of daily life will be caused by the central banking system (Where will the banksters get their food, when their own dollars won’t buy %^#@& at the store? Hmmm?), and by Herr Bernanke’s QE-Forever.

I think it’s too late now. People should have listened to Ron Paul, who has been sounding the same message for forty years now: de-monopolize the monetary system so that people have a competitive choice of which medium of exchange they wish to use and let the market decide what the best ones are and which ones should go, and decentralize the banking system and bring back competition (instead of the current fascist system in which the government protects the high profits of a single cartel of privileged banksters).

Even a better message is that of self-sufficiency. Grow your own food, and so on. (In the near future, many of us are going to have to, just to survive.)

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