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Free Range Kids author Lenore Skenazy has this post on a parent bringing the kids to Sunday school, to “Vacation Bible School” over the Summer. You just can’t believe all the security-related steps this parent and others have to take now just to leave their kids … in a CHURCH! You see what Dick Cheney and Jamit Napolitano have done to American now?

And it’s the whole culture now of distrust and fear of risk-taking. it’s just sick what’s going on, such as:

My sons are 12 and 15, and they are allowed to attend without name tags for the first time this year.  HOWEVER, they are both “too young” to be in the hallways unaccompanied by an adult during the program hours, and “too old” to be allowed into ANY of the public restrooms if ANY other child is in there.  There are literally guards for every bathroom.  Kids up through the age of 7 or 8 have to be escorted to the bathroom by not one, but TWO adults…

And you should see the rules for how the parents must drop their kids off and how they must pick them up … at a CHURCH! This is ridiculous!

And in Texas, a government school is ordering all kids to have to wear Big Brother surveillance chips. This police state is just unbelievable now. The linked article gives all the details. What is particularly disturbing is that the ACLU wouldn’t take this case. Private school anyone? Homeshooling?

Another disturbing finding recently is that almost half of Americans approve of local police departments using domestic surveillance drones. These drones are flying over and spying on Americans indiscriminately, and violating Americans’ Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, as those operating the drones do not have any reasonable suspicion that the unsuspecting victims below have committed any crimes, and most of all they certainly do not have the constitutionally-required warrants.

Charles Krauthammer mentioned that the first person who shoots down a drone will be a folk hero. I agree. And Alex Jones and others practiced on test drones for the possibility of some day having to protect themselves.

Kids treated like criminals in church bathrooms. Kids kept under surveillance in schools like prisoners. And everyone under the illegal and intrusive watch of Big Brother. (Big Stupid Tyrant, that is.)

Amerika, the Banana Republik.

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