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Biased News “Journalists” and the Gender Gap

There was certainly a lot of feedback on the recent presidential debate coming from all sides. But a lot of the controversy seems to be regarding the debate moderator. A writer highlights how conservative pundits thought that CNN’s Candy Crowley was very biased and openly took the side of the sitting President. (Biased? Noooo.) mentions that the CNN managing editor sent CNN staff an email defending Crowley, a “full-throated list of Barack Obama talking points.”

And a writer goes further in asserting that Crowley “sets female journalists back 30 years,” and that she “(went) Dan Rather and acted like the President’s bimbo” when she interviewed Obama flunky David Axelrod on September 30th, regarding the Sept. 11th terrorist attack in Benghazi.

I think it’s more a matter of super-biased news journalists, and not whether one is female or not, and that Candy Crowley’s being female has nothing to do with her level of extreme bias, as many news “journalists” now are biased toward the State.

It’s actually the political hacks who “set women back,” or try to, whether it’s with their special-interest legislation and trying to remove from women their personal responsibility as individuals, or whether these political hacks just treat women badly or disrespectfully, such as with the Romney “binders” controversy, in which Willard Romney claims to have wooed women into his administration as governor of Massachusetts, but apparently did not (except for his woman lieutenant governor Kerry “Muffy” Healey.)

But this whole thing is reminding me of the Bobby Riggs-Billie Jean King  “Battle of the Sexes” during the 1970s, in which former tennis star and male chauvinist Bobby Riggs (1918-1995) challenged then-current tennis star Billie Jean King (1943- ) to a match.

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