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With Conservatives Like Willard and Rand, Who Needs Communists?

With Willard Romney and Rand Paul around, who needs enemies? Who are all the millions of voters who supposedly voted for these kinds of people? (My thanks to Robert Wenzel for keeping us up to date on Rand Paul’s continuing spiral down into the depths of statist hell.) Willard Romney and Rand Paul are essentially saying now: “We want to help get Obama reelected!”

As you may have already heard, Willard Romney has now reneged on his promise to repeal ObamaCare. He says he now wants to keep parts of ObamaCare that he thinks are pretty good, regardless of their fascist unconstitutionality, such as forcing private insurers to have to provide insurance to people with pre-existing conditions. Romney wants to “replace” ObamaCare with his own plan.

Yes, he has a “plan.” Professional government bureaucrats who are driven to monopolistic power and control are driven to central planning, and they come up with their own plan for how the rest of the population ought to live. Never mind the idea pf personal responsibility, and encouraging people to take care of themselves. And it seems that the economically-ignorant Romney has never learned that what drives up the costs of medical care and insurance are the very government-mandated bureaucratic intrusions, regulations and red tape, taxes and restrictions that have existed in America for many years now.

What will drive the prices down, believe it or not, is freedom under the rule of law. No before-the-fact, presumption-of-guilt reporting requirements, regulations and restrictions, licensing laws or medical/insurance cartel government-protectionism, or confiscatory taxation.

No, medical licensure does not protect the consumers from bad doctors. Just as teachers’ tenure protects bad teachers from being fired, medical licensure protects bad doctors from the competition. That is why we have a whole slew of bad doctors now. Most of them know nothing (as Sgt. Schultz would say) about how nutrition and healthy foods and supplements and vitamins do much more for people toward  prevention than pharmaceuticals ever could. And these so-called “modern” doctors will get worse as long as Romney-ObamaCare stays in place, in which the government will drive most insurers and doctors out of the business, and the only insurer will be the government and the majority of doctors will be those who don’t mind being slaves of the State, essentially they will be government bureaucrats with an “MD.”

No, freedom is what will drive prices down so that medical care will be affordable to the people who need it, and personal responsibility will be encouraged by a system in which no one is allowed to use the government’s guns to force doctors or hospitals to treat them.

So much for mealy-mouthed Willard Romney, but I won’t say “I told you so.”

Now, on to the mealy-mouthed Rand Paul. Robert Wenzel did a post in which he asks if he should turn up the heat on Rand. After his many posts critical of Rand Paul, I don’t think he could turn the heat up too much higher. But the commenters are always amusing and enlightening in these posts. In Rand’s new book, he claims to be a “Crunchy-Con,” because he like Cap’n Crunch. I know I do. But seriously, Rand claims to not be against all regulation, just “overzealous” regulation. Rand, any intrusions into private property or private contracts by third-parties are trespassers, in my opinion. Government bureaucrats have no more moral authority to intrude than one’s neighbors do.

And in the quoted passage at that link, Rand Paul states, “I often joked on the campaign trail that I was for $2.2 trillion worth of government—what we currently bring in in revenue—but certainly not for the $3.8 trillion of government we currently spend.”

Perhaps that Cap’n Crunch has gone stale.

“$2.2 Trillion”? Therefore, Rand Paul supports over $2 trillion in unconstitutional government programs, policies, bureaus, phony bureaucrat “jobs,” bloat, crony pelf, money that would be MUCH better spent by private individuals in the private sector, providing real jobs that actually produce products and services that people actually need and are willing to voluntarily pay for.

And Willard Romney said this on Meet the Press: “I’ll balance the budget by the end of my 2nd term. Doing it in my 1st term would cause a dramatic impact on the economy.” Yes, it might help to save the country from total ruin! And anyway, Willard, WHAT “2nd term”? (Or 1st term either, as the Republicans, in addition to their shutting out Ron Paul like scared little chickens with their heads cut off, are now showing what self-defeating morons they are.)

Willard, say you will balance the budget and cut the budget by closing all the useless military bases overseas and bring the troops home and put them back in the private sector where they belong, repeal ObamaCare and all the other socialist programs that are ruining America, repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and legal tender laws and allow for free and open competition in money and banking, repeal the Patriot Act and NDAA, abolish DHS, TSA, FTC, SEC, and all the other dirty three-letter words in Washington.

Alas, Willard will not do the right thing, neither will Obama, neither will Rand Paul, they’re all just a sideshow as they join in the government bureaucrat-criminals’ final curtain call of The American Experiment Theater.

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