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The Disgusting Romney-Nixon

On the blog, Thomas DiLorenzo writes:

This time they broke into the hotel room of a Ron Paul delegate at the Republican convention and planted bullets in her luggage.  She was detained by the TSA at the airport, of course, but they let her go when they learned she was a Ron Paul delegate.  This suggests that the TSA bureaucrats understand that such behavior is common practice with the Party of Great Moral Ideas. 

Since neither this woman nor Ron Paul himself posed no threat to the nomination of King Romney, the apparent purpose of this thuggery is to send a message to all others who might contemplate supporting a future candidate who believes in a free society as opposed to the fascist police/warfare state that defines the GOP agenda and platform.  They’ve adopted Obama’s Chicago-style politics, in other words.

UPDATE:  J.P. writes:  “You might also like to know that there were reportss of RP delegates having pot planted in their hotel room safes.  Several delegates posted warnings on Facebook, suggesting tht others have hotel staff accompany them to their rooms at check-in and inspect the safe, in order to prevent similar problems with [the law].”

Here is the video on the Daily Paul page that was linked:

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