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Romney Will Raise Your Taxes – Just Sit There and Fork It Over

The neocon ignoramus talk radio hosts are saying how important it is to get behind Willard Romney. Talk about brainwashed sheeple. Michael Savage has said repeatedly that he’s supporting Romney, as bad as Romney is, based on two issues: taxation and national security. He actually believes that Romney is going to “keep taxes low.” Talk about gullible, naive and unrealistic. “Read my lips,” Savage. I am obviously referring to the ghastly elder George H.W. Bush’s no-new-taxes lie in 1988.

And now we see I’m right. Willard Romney says that, while he would attempt to cut taxes for middle-income folks, one of his economic advisors has stated that, “The bulk of the adjustment [should] be borne by upper income households.” Romney will “put everything on the table,” according to HuffPo.

So right now, via this economic advisor, Willard is doing a Walter Mondale. But he is once again reminding us what an economic ignoramus he is, and a socialist. Willard does not understand that when you impose or raise taxes on wealthier individuals, that results in the wealthier ones investing less in their businesses and in other businesses, and not only will there be far fewer expansions of companies in the private sector, there will be more reductions, more cuts, more plant closings, more layoffs, more unemployment.

You see, after he is through raising taxes on “the rich,” and the economy still crashes and burns because socialists like Willard live in a fantasy world twilight zone, then he will raise taxes on everyone. They all do. And he will keep the bankster-enriching Federal Reserve and continue with its inflation-causing money-pumping, with such inflation being a stealth-tax on the poor and middle class.

Romney is just another selfish politician who just wants to have a lot of power and control, and that means funding the massive warmongering-military-industrial-security complex, by stealing more from the productive class (i.e. the private sector). Unfortunately, so-called “conservatives” and these radio blabbermouths like Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, etc. are just dupes for socialism, are gullible sheeple who should have supported Ron Paul. But nooooo, they and their followers just eat up the government’s and these politicians’ propaganda about those terrorists, those Muslims, and Iran. It’s very sad now.

But Willard and his fellow socialist supporters (like Hannity and Savage) don’t understand that if you eliminate the income tax and capital gains taxes, as Ron Paul would do, you would see the largest expansion in the private sector, the largest growth of productivity from the productive class, and millions and millions of new jobs created and the hugest decline in the unemployment rate. But the gullible, brainwashed sheeple out there let themselves get bamboozled by the national security shysters and regress into their infantilized dependency on government bureaucrats, and they will eat up Willard’s crap, hook, line, and sinker, as they did Reagan’s, and the two Bushes’ as well.

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