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Psychopathic Criminal Government Bureaucrats

Apparently,  AG Eric Holster lied to Congress about Obama’s medical marijuana crackdown. The Reason article details the proof. The Holster DOJ is pressing very hard against anyone who might possibly be involved in medical marijuana, including state employees who comply with state medical marijuana laws (that contradict the feds’ precious wishes) and the use of asset forfeiture to seize buildings away from landlords in which “pot shops” might be located.

So, what is it really that these bureaucrats are doing? Are they really concerned that people might hurt themselves if they use marijuana? Or are they really just trying to teach people a lesson about not defying the Nazi-like dictates of the feds?

I think that they are just sick control freaks, and they have these certain orders for the population that they want everyone to obey, and that’s just about it. These bureaucrats seem to become personally involved in their love of ordering people around, in their administering, enforcing and prosecuting of their bureaucrat commands of the rest of the population.

Because, quite frankly, why is it soooo important to enforce these stupid drug laws? And yes, they are stupid laws, because they are counter-productive. They are counter-productive because prohibition of the people’s exercising their right to put certain substances into their own bodies causes black markets (or, as Murray Rothbard referred to them, “markets”), it drives up the prices and turns what would have been harmless interactions and human behaviors into a criminal racket that begets violence. The real criminal racket is these government bureaucrats, from the AG on down to local police and the corruption and bribery that goes on, and a lot of dead civilians for no good reason!

But really, it’s a power trip for government bureaucrats who otherwise would not be employed if left solely to the free market to provide for them. C’mon, asset forfeiture and seizing buildings away from landlords because of harmless “pot shops”? What kind of sicko would do that to people? Only criminal psychopaths would steal property from others for these stupid reasons.

Besides the illegal gun-running to Mexican gangs on behalf of trying to disarm the American people, this Eric Holster Justice (sic) Department criminal behavior reminds me of how in 1993 federal officials didn’t like the particular secluded, alternative lifestyle of a particular group called the “Branch Davidians” in Waco Texas. False accusations of child abuse etc. were made and the feds wanted to charge them with phony weapons violations. The zeal with which then-AG Janet Waco and her FBI and ATF cohorts waged a military-style siege against the complex and gassed and burned buildings to the ground in their murders of some 80 innocent children, women and men, including the machine-gunning of those attempting to run away from the burning buildings. (For more, see here, here, and here,)

Only sick, psychopathic criminals could possibly do these horrible things to other human beings. It’s disgusting, these people.

And I am also reminded of the 1985 “MOVE” fiasco under Philadelphia Mayor Wilson Goode (who was not so “goode”), in which police dropped a bomb from a helicopter over several houses, destroyed over 60 houses, killed 11 people including 5 children, in an example of extremely zealous government bureaucrat-police overkill. As of 2005, the whole aftermath was still unsettled.

Back to the preset, another example of government power-tripping criminal psychopaths is New York City, which is cracking down on feeding the homeless. Oooo, someone is feeding a homeless person! You better arrest those people, and throw the homeless ones in jail, too. That’ll teach some poor homeless person for trying to have food in order to survive!

Banning certain beverages of certain sizes or certain foods from nanny-Nazi Bloomberg is not enough. Now he wants homeless people to starve. But really, it has to do with this insatiable need of government bureaucrats to order people around and bully people to obey their Nazi-like orders.

These people in government now are nothing but control freaks. They do NOT care about anyone’s well-being, they care about ordering people around and getting off on their power trips. These are sick puppies, these government psychopaths. I would not be surprised if I hear that dissidents and civil disobedients refuse to obey orders by police and Nazi Mayor Bloomjerk to stop feeding the homeless, and then the feeders get fired upon with bullets and gassed and police drop bombs on them via drones. That is how zealous control freak government bureaucrat psychopath dictators behave, unfortunately.

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