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Government Monopoly Tyranny vs. The People’s Right to Independence

In my post yesterday and the recent article on the Bureaucratic Berlin Wall, I have mentioned (albeit briefly) this “attachment parenting” phenomenon, and helicopter moms, and how in more recent decades, parents have become very selfish and narcissistic, and lacking in encouragement of their kids’ developing a sense of their own individual identity and independence. These attitudes coincide with our society’s nanny state which is now a full police state, a nanny-police state. The people’s unwillingness to allow their offspring to become separate, independent, free-thinking human beings is reflected in their creating laws upon laws and government policies that treat the population in general as dependent, helpless children, as subjects, as serfs who must follow the whims of imbecilic and criminal bureaucrats, politicians, and police.

Ah, what a life.

An early example in America of this resistance on the part of “authority” to allow the people to become free of Leviathan’s grasp, to be free humans, is President Honest Abe Lincoln’s assault on the seceding Southern states, Lincoln’s War on Independence. Lincoln’s loyalty to “The Union,” to Washington’s control over a large expanded population, far surpassed any loyalty he might have had toward liberty, the rights of all human beings to their freedom and independence, and the idea of the federal government’s role of serving the needs of the people of the states.

Lincoln’s need for absolute power and control over the people was so important that he initiated the intentional Total War murders of the Southern civilian population, and persecuted Northerners who criticized Lincoln’s war as well as the Fugitive Slave Act that he supported. (More here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

When members of society show too much independence, whether it be inhabitants of states who want to secede from a union (that they never had voluntarily agreed to be a part of in the first place), or raw milk-buying moms transporting those products across state lines against the authoritarian will of stupid government bureaucrats, it seems to be the nature of the typical government bureaucrat — in his power-tripping enjoyment of the monopoly he has in being above the law — to crack down on such indications toward independence and autonomy, and hard.

Another more recent example was Andrew Wordes, who was persecuted to death by local Roswell, Georgia bureaucrats for his attempting to have chickens on his own property. After a zoning board warning about his violating ordinances that didn’t exist, the city council then wrote new ordinances, and it got worse from there, to the point of Wordes committing suicide, or should I say, he was “suicided.” Jeffrey Tucker has the story here, and there’s an update on the city bureaucrats’ criminality. But there are stories like this all across Amerika, and more and more frequently. These damn government bureaucrats do not like their authority over you to be defied.

It’s really an uphill battle these days, trying to get others to understand what’s happening to our society, trying to get people to question the crap that government bureaucrats spoon-feed the people, given how uninformed, misinformed, ignorant, indoctrinated and brainwashed most of the people are now, from their daily hours-long staring into the TV, and their 12 year early prison sentence in the government school indoctrination centers.

Some people actually believe that Navy SEALS killed Osama Bin Laden last year, that he was actually still alive up to that time and hadn’t already died years before, probably of kidney failure, and not that the Navy Seal-bin Laden charade was exactly that: a made-up, pretend charade and a sham, and a hoax. (More here, here, here, here, here, and here. And most Americans are clueless and don’t know that the Bush Administration never even had evidence against Osama bin Laden regarding the 9/11 attacks anyway. See here, here, and here.)

And some people actually believe that Lincoln’s War to prevent Southern Independence was to “free the slaves,” when the opposite was true, it was to enslave all Americans under the Total State Rule of Washington, rule by stupid and corrupt bureaucrats and criminals, most of whom should be in jail. The federal government began as a third-party agent to serve the interests of the people of the states, and Lincoln turned it around to enslave the masses to serve the bureaucrats and criminals (sorry, I repeat myself again) of the Federal Leviathan Dictatorship. (See previous links on Lincoln and his War.)

Yes, it’s an uphill battle to get people to really understand that the federal government shouldn’t have been created in the first place, because “limited government” is impossible, because any kind of legal monopoly held by any certain groups of people to which the rest of the population must be compelled to submit, that some people may be above the law and not be accountable under the rule of law that the rest of the population must obey, is a system inherently doomed to failure, inherently doomed to implode. And that is what is happening now.

We must resist the tyranny! Ask questions, challenge the government’s assertions, criticize those who deserve to be criticized, expose the lies, propaganda and corruption for what they are.

As journalist Chris Hedges wrote in his recent article on the judge’s striking down of provisions in the NDAA that would have allowed the indefinite detention without charges of those who criticize the U.S. Regime,

Not to challenge this law would have meant being complicit in its implementation. And once resistance defines a life it becomes reflexive…

Rebellion is an act that assures us of remaining free and independent human beings … Totalitarian systems, to perpetuate themselves, always seek to break autonomy and self-determination. This makes all acts of resistance a threat, even those acts that will not succeed. And this is why in all states that rule by force any act of rebellion, even one that is insignificant, must be ruthlessly crushed. The goal of the corporate state, like that of any totalitarian entity, is to create a society where no one has the capacity to resist.

But really, the only real answer right now, toward regaining our freedom and independence, is rejecting central planning and the totalitarianism it brings about, and having secession of the states, and the return of private property rights and the sanctity of voluntary contracts, and ending compulsory monopolies by government bureaucrats and government police!

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