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Who Won World War II?

Jacob Hornberger asked recently, Who Won World War II? Well, it certainly wasn’t Europe. And it wasn’t Americans either. FDR lured the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor as an excuse to drag the U.S. into World War II, because his real intention was, in my opinion, to take over Europe. Maybe he didn’t take over Europe in the sense of conquest. But FDR caused Europe, at least Western Europe, to become dependent on the U.S. government for handouts, as well as for its security (such as it was).

Causing those Europeans to become dependent on the U.S. government (and on U.S. workers and producers, i.e. “taxpayers,”) for their daily sustenance and their security has only discouraged them to provide for themselves and protect themselves from foreign aggressors. Europeans are now extremely vulnerable, as well as living under massive debts. Europeans are slaves of their corrupt governments’ politicians and bureaucrats who are in cahoots with America’s own corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. All thanks to FDR.

The proof I have to show that FDR was motivated to take over Europe in this way and make Europeans dependent on FDR’s government is that FDR forced his own people to be dependent on the government, to be slaves of the politicians and bureaucrats who rule over us. FDR implemented many government mandates and policies, including forcing all Americans to have to participate in the one government-run retirement scheme known as the Social Security fraud.

Who won World War II? Power-hungry and greedy politicians and bureaucrats, lawyers and lobbyists, that’s who.

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