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Government Central Planners and the Irresponsibility and Misery They Have Wrought

Two related issues are in the news. I must comment. One is the argument over Herr Obama’s dictatorial birth control mandate of employers, including religious and educational institutions. The other issue comes from the article in the New York Times that out-of-wedlock births are at an all-time high.

The moral, social and cultural decline of America that includes the destruction of the family unit is largely a result of State intrusions and infiltration into private relationships, associations and contracts.

The “Sexual Revolution” was never any such “revolution,” but an excuse to live a lifestyle of self-centered immediate gratification at the expense of personal responsibility and the suppression of the natural desire to have offspring. It was also at the expense of sacrificing the natural ability to provide emotional comfort, warmth and personal security for the offspring toward their own growth and development.

What is the largest contributor to such societal decay in America? As with everything else, it’s the State and the social collectivists whose desire it has been to stamp out individualism with their social and economic policies that can be described as “Keynesian,” the policies of immediate gratification, rent-seeking, parasitism and debts, at the expense of others and at the expense of future planning and future generations.

Governments — federal, state and local — have largely taken over everything in the past 150 years, the education of America’s youth, medical care, banking and finance, and people’s hard-earned retirement funding and the will to save from an early age toward one’s retirement. You name it, the government has seized control over it.

What needs to be done is stop encouraging the youth to be irresponsible with their sexuality as well as with their money they earn or acquire. Many people who think they are “liberal” are really just believing in irresponsibility. Children and teens need to be encouraged to practice abstinence. “But that’s not realistic,” some people say. No, only short-sighted and immediate gratification-oriented people think that’s unrealistic. Children and teens are too young to handle the emotional aspects of sexual relations with others. (Weren’t there some studies that concluded that many women whose sex lives in their marriages were unsatisfying had begun to be sexually active at too early an age?)

And also, our culture has developed into one that discourages boys from becoming men. Now we have “zero tolerance,” and “no playing on the playground because you might hurt yourself” rules, families who do not require a boy who got his girlfriend pregnant to get a job to support the child, and helicopter moms following their boys to college. And the girls are being raised to be sluts now, wearing skimpy, revealing little articles of clothing that their parents buy them. If I had a teenage girl at this time and she were wearing something like that, I’d say, “you’re not going out in that, are you?” and no, she would NOT be going out in that. And she wouldn’t risk getting pregnant and either having a baby at such a young age or having an abortion, because, with the “not under my roof” policy, she would know that if that ever happened she’s out of the house and on her own. Good luck, kid.

There are other aspects of this trend of irresponsibility and dependence on government. The youth need to be encouraged to work part-time during their high school years (abolishing all labor laws including “child labor” and minimum wage laws would help them do that). They should also be encouraged to turn that part-time into full-time work after high school graduation, given what a scam college is these days. It would be helpful if the government would repeal the income tax and capital gains taxes as well as Social Security and all other withholding confiscations. These repeals would effect in the biggest expansion of the U.S. economy ever, and millions of new, real jobs would be created for those high school graduates. They should be encouraged to work full-time and take college courses at night or online toward eventually getting an undergraduate degree.

The youth also need to be encouraged to save — put something aside each week and do not take from that savings — toward their retirement so they don’t have to be dependent on a government retirement scheme that won’t be there when they actually do retire. So the government is taking money from them in its promise to provide for their retirement — that’s a fraudulent promise, and the taking is nothing but theft. It is just something you have to deal with in life, until the necessary decentralization process takes place following the collapse that will occur because Leviathan eventually kills off so many of the actual producers that there are no longer any more producers in the society from whom to siphon the wealth that will soon be non-existent.

Also, this idea of employers having to provide health insurance, pensions, etc. — that’s all a bunch of garbage. YOU should provide your own health insurance and retirements, not employers and not governments. This scheme of dependence on employers for those extras in life is another scam that has put America (and Europe) into as much moral hazard as has the aforementioned cultural and social permissiveness.

Now, regarding Herr Obama’s forcing employers to provide birth control against their will, that is a crime. It is yet another of the many crimes that government commits against the people in its intrusions into private contracts amongst the people. Such dictates are aggressions and trespasses, and should be treated as such. The contract is between the employer and the employee, and the terms of the contract are between those parties and not for anyone else to intrude upon. Who the hell is some government bureaucrat to force you to provide ANYTHING to your employees that you don’t want to provide? Such a government bureaucrat is nothing but a fascist and a dictator (hence, “Herr Obama”).

And ladies, if you want to get the birth control pill — regardless of the cancers it might cause you — YOU pay for it! Just as if you want an arthritis pill (even though fish oil would probably be better for you), YOU pay for it! Stop being such dependent babies and do things for yourselves, for crying out loud! (“I am woman, hear me roar, I am strong, I am invincible”? No, not if you’re a dependent schlep you’re not.) Our whole society now is one in which everyone demands that everyone else pay for everything they want in life. I compare that to the men who get their girlfriends pregnant but don’t stay around to actually be a man and raise the child. Have your pleasure but make other people pay for the consequences is the new American way.

So, last week Laura Ingraham interviewed Tiananmen Square heroine Chai Ling, who spoke about the mandatory abortions in China. Please, don’t get me started on the central planning that has distorted their population and what would otherwise have been a natural, unplanned “distribution” of their people. The imbecilic Chinese bureaucrats with their huge ghost cities throughout China, with skyscrapers loaded with vacant condo apartments that no one can afford to buy. And their mandatory abortions and child murders, especially their daughter murders. A truly sick society. And all because of what their selfish, authoritarian rulers desire for control and central planning and the human misery and disaster they have wrought.

There are not enough women in China for all the men there because of the millions and millions of little girls who have been slaughtered in the name of central planning population control. Hey, Planned Parenthood: Are we next?

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