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Doh! Not. Another. Kennedy.

I don’t particularly like writing about political things. I usually prefer writing about matters in history, philosophy, economics and psychology, mainly. But when political items come up in the news that need to be discussed, well, then I’ll discuss them. So here goes.

It appears that yet another Kennedy is about to go to Washington to interfere with and intrude upon our lives along with the rest of the Congresscriminals there, as Joseph P. Kennedy III (1980- ) wants to replace the retiring Barney Frank next year. This Joe Kennedy is the son of former Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II (1952- ) who replaced the late Speaker Tip o”Neill as the Congressman from Cambridge, Massachusetts, from 1987-1999. That Joe Kennedy is the son of the late Sen. Bobby Kennedy (1925-1968).

Now, if you find all that as confusing as I do, here is some more on the enumeration of these Joe Kennedys. Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy named his son the former Congressman Joe Kennedy after Bobby’s brother, the late Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. (1915-1944), who died in World War II near Suffolk, England. And that Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.’s father was the old man, the senior gangster from Boston, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. (1888-1969). Don’t get me started on that one.

But I don’t understand how you can have both a Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. AND a Joseph P. Kennedy II. In fact, I recall that the former Congressman from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Joseph P. Kennedy II was known during the 1980s and ’90s as Joseph P. Kennedy III. That’s what I remember. Am I alone in this? Oh, well. These Kennedys keep screwing everything up, so I’m not surprised that they can’t get their numbers straight.

Anyway, the youngest of the Joe Kennedys is moving from Cambridge to Brookline just to be able to qualify to represent the Massachusetts Fourth District which Barney Frank currently and lousily represents. Just as the youngest Joe Kennedy (III) has moved from Cambridge to Brookline solely for political reasons, his father Joseph P. Kennedy II (that I thought was III) also moved from wherever the hell he was living in 1986 over to Cambridge (well, I think it was Brighton, actually) just to run for Tip O’Neill’s seat in the Eight District. I think he was living in Pennsylvania before that. But wherever it was, it wasn’t the Eight District. But the now “elder” Joe Kennedy seems to be the Congressman from Venezuela now (Where did Hugo?).

Anyway, it is my opinion (and that of many, many others as well) that these Kennedys have a genetic predisposition that drives them toward the political means of life, but certainly not the economic means. Can any one of them possibly survive in life without the use of political force? That is, in the private sector? Even as a lawyer, this youngest Joe Kennedy isn’t even a “private practice” attorney, as he works for the Middlesex County DA’s office (after having worked for the Cape and Islands DA’s office).

I see on that this little shaver Kennedy has several Democrat opponents in the September primary election. But we know he is going to take the nomination, despite his inexperience, just as we can predict that Elizabeth Warren will take the Democrat nomination over her party opponents against Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate. If Kennedy is the Democrat nominee from Congress, his Republican opponent will be either Sean Beilat (Frank’s 2010 opponent) or psychiatrist and former state Mental Health Commissioner Elizabeth Childs (Do we need a “Mental Health Commission”? And, Do we need a psychiatrist in Congress? However, God knows there are plenty of Congresscriminals in Washington who could use a good psychiatrist!).

But they are ALL statists, and NONE of them understands what true American principles of liberty and peace are all about. In fact, back in January 2010 at the time of the special election to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (1932-2009), there actually WAS a Kennedy on the ballot, but this time a GOOD Kennedy, another “Joe Kennedy,” the third party candidate against Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Cocoapuffs. No, this Joe Kennedy was not a part of any of the other Joe Kennedys (I know, there are too many Joe Kennedys, I know!). He is not related to the “regular” Kennedy family (which is not to suggest that this Joe Kennedy was “irregular”).

With that election as with most others in the USSA, the news media do not or rarely cover third-party or alternative candidates, especially if they are not the beloved statists that most in the State-worshiping media adore. Candidates who are anti-Establishment, such as Joe Kennedy in the aforementioned Scott Brown election (and Ron Paul as well) are ignored, marginalized, belittled, and just not taken seriously by our high-and-mighty news people and pundits. You see, the statist quo comforts them, no matter how corrupt it is, and we have generations and generations of government-schooled and brainwashed “intellectuals” telling the masses what they want to hear.

Here is an interview by Emily Rooney of that non-relative Joe Kennedy, the third party candidate against Scott Brown and Martha Coakley from the early 2010 election. If you live in Massachusetts and were familiar with that election involving Brown and Coakley, but had never even heard of that Joe Kennedy, then that means the media had not been doing their job. (Currently, not only are the media not doing their job with the 2012 presidential campaign, but even worse, they are actively suppressing the message of the only non-Establishment candidate, Ron Paul. The media act as if they are good little Pravda-propagandists, good little subservient mini-Goebbels, if you ask me.)

But the people of Massachusetts, like the USSA generally, love the statists, and the Kennedys as well. They will probably vote overwhelmingly for Joseph P. Kennedy III (or is it IV?) and for Elizabeth Warren as well.

And, FYI, here is a debate from 2010 with the two statists, Scott Brown and Martha Coakley, and the libertarian-independent Joe Kennedy that very few people in Massachusetts had even heard of.

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