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CPAC: CRAZY Political Action Conference!

I wanted to say that CPAC stood for the Communist Political Action Conference, but I was afraid that, despite its accuracy, it wouldn’t have been taken as seriously as “crazy,” because I know that most people are already in agreement on that. At least, the ones who don’t put themselves in denial of what these people really stand for.

It is time to tell the truth about these literally crazy people who are good at projecting a persona of normality, in their insatiable hunger for more power over others.

These so-called “conservatives” are really nuts now. They really are crazy. We have three socialists (i.e. communists) — Santorum, Gingrich and Romney — appearing at the Orwellian-named “Conservative” Political Action Conference, while the one actual conservative, who really IS conservative, Ron Paul, was cordially excluded. Only in Orwellian Amerika do we have this situation.

Romney referred to himself as “severely conservative,” in his one moment of true honesty in revealing how his destructive socialism is truly a mental illness. We know from actual historical fact that Romney/Kennedy/Obama/Bush socialism has always had destructive consequences. They are literally ruining America with their State intrusions, their confiscations, and their wars of aggression.

And, when Romney said that he was a “severely conservative governor,” even THAT’S not true! He raised taxes on businesses and implemented this failed government-managed healthcare-insurance scheme. No real capitalist would force a government-managed scheme like that on anyone! Talk about Orwellian! He’s nuts! Now, I’ve linked to these videos before, but just look at the way he snubs a medical patient in this one, and showing his love for Ted Kennedy in this one, and his street-performer-like gestures in this one. Willard is just plain nuts!

And Rick Sanitorium. Bob Livingston had this list of Santorum’s socialist positions in Washington, his anti-gun rights intrusions, and his post-Senate lobbying corruption. And here is a video of Santorum from 2006 admitting what a socialist imbecile he was then (and is now).

And here are The American Dream Blog’s 27 reasons why Newt Gingrich would be a really, really bad president.

Ron Paul was excluded from CPAC by childish, sniveling little pricks who are Big Government Republicans who revere the State and are contemptuous of actual conservative values, contemptuous of actual American values. Hypocrites, liars, flip-floppers, and ignoramus warmongers.

Most of all they are crazy people. That means they are not rational. It is beyond just Orwellian. And Paul Krugman has the nerve to refer to Ron Paul supporters as “tinfoil hat” wearers. And the supporters of these socialist (and corrupt as well) GOP candidates are in denial, too. They know that these candidates are all Big Government intruders, but, like good little obedient serfs they will rally around one of them, regardless of his standing by the statist quo Establishment, and they will cheer the socialist GOP candidate right to defeat by the articulate, attractive actor who has swept Amerika off her feet, Herr Obama.

The sheepish followers are afraid of Ron Paul, and his policies of freedom and peace. The obedient deniers-of-reality fall prey to the lies and propaganda of U.S. government bureaucrats run amok, in their cries of “Terrorists!” “Iranian Threats!” and so forth, despite actual facts and evidence, despite how everything the U.S. government bureaucrats and military have done in the past ten (or twenty) years have been central planning disasters and gone against America.

Glenn Greenwald described yesterday and today how dishonest our national MSM are in their merely repeating everything the government tells them without any substantiation whatsoever. And, as with Iraq in 2002-03, the sheeple eat it up like drooling dogs. (Mmmm, would you like fries with that?)

The real tinfoil hat wearers are the masses out there who support these clowns who have done nothing but bring America to ruin.

Hmmm, provoking foreigners is “conservative.” Placing your hundreds of military bases on other peoples’ territories but not allowing other foreign governments to place their military on your territory is “conservative.” Stopping and searching people randomly, arresting and detaining people indefinitely without charges or evidence against them is “conservative.” According to the preaching ignorant, Orwellian blowhards, their moral relativism = “traditional conservative values.”

Whether it is a reelected Obama or any of the three severely socialist GOP clowns elected by the obedient sheeple, the President will use NDAA to turn the military against not just ‘Occupy’ protesters but Tea Party protesters as well, and other critics of government including journalists and bloggers. And when there are more terrorist attacks within the U.S. as retaliation against the U.S. government’s aggressions overseas, especially if the U.S. starts a war of aggression against Iran, you will probably wonder why you supported someone as dishonest, narcissistic and socialist as the three CPAC crazies.

A few weeks ago, Arthur Silber wrote in a post:

Tens of millions of Americans will vote for the Democratic and Republican nominees for president. They will not understand that they are thereby supporting evil. They refuse to consider withdrawing that support…

Most Americans are like badly damaged children: they expect evil to announce itself in advance, with the aid of thundering, ominous music on the soundtrack of their increasingly desperate lives. But that is not how evil most commonly arrives. It comes with a gentle, reassuring smile. It insinuates itself with soothing platitudes. It speaks of “threats” to our “security” that cannot be countenanced. It says it only wants to make you “safe.”

And the murders go on, and they increase in number. Later on, those who manage to survive will be heard to say, “But we never knew it would come to that.” Or they insist that most people “went along,” and ask: Who was I to stand against that tide? Yet they will not be able to say they were not warned, or that no one had ever seen such horrors before…

No, evil does not come to us proclaiming its true nature. Evil is not committed only by screaming, psychopathic maniacs. Most of the time, and certainly in the beginning, it seems completely ordinary. It is, as Auden said, “unspectacular and always human.” It appears to be entirely normal. The greatest danger is not the person whom you view as obviously “crazy.” The greatest danger is the person you regard as normal, thoughtful and well-spoken, the person who claims to be opposed to the horrors and who says he’s on your side. This is precisely why Obama (and the Democrats generally) constitute a singular threat to those of us who genuinely value the sanctity of a single life…

You need to wake up and smell the coffee: Obama, Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are all the same. Narcissistic political opportunists who have no problem with using the armed force of government to impose medical intrusions, their own subjective social views, environmental property violations, and overseas aggressions for the sake of further expanding the power of the DC Regime, further diminishing your liberty, security, and prosperity, until there is none of that left. Don’t be crazy. Don’t vote for crazy people.

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