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The Choice: Statist Quo That Is Leading to Collapse and Chaos, Or De-Monopolization, Decentralization, Freedom and True Prosperity

Fernando Ferfal Aguirre from Argentina tells us, via the SHTF Plan blog, what to expect from the government after the collapse. Here is an excerpt:

Expect Corruption: Maybe in their minds, it’s not even corruption. The high ranking politicians simply do extra-legal “favors” for one another, and perhaps they even believe their own BS speech, that they are doing them for “the greater good.” Or perhaps not. Perhaps they are just greedy, lying crooks from the very start.
Expect Loss of Freedom: Particularly the loss of gun rights. Americans should keep a close watch, and consider gun rights to be the “freedom barometer.” There will be direct attacks on the right to keep and bear arms. Reinterpretation of the Second Amendment. Indirect attempts such as taxing ammunition and firearms out of the reach of the average citizen. A greater number of legal requirements to own firearms. Some people believe that armed citizens don’t stand a chance against a national military force, especially one as powerful as the United States Army. This is the bullsh** lie all governments around the world want you to believe, but the reality is very different.
Expect Censorship: We’ve experienced a growing amount of censorship in many forms. Calls from the Presidential Office directly intimidate reporters and news directors. There are threats of legal action and tax persecution to anyone that dares question the government… Phone tapping and email reading are widespread as well.

Fernando also suggests that we should expect an inefficient legal system, failing public institutions such as hospitals and schools that are run by the government or rely on government for tax subsidies. But all of that is what we already have. The main reasons why we have those failing and crumbling institutions and inefficiency are because of the monopolies that government has, especially in education and in judicial decision-making, and because of the centralization of everything.

Local police departments now are very corrupt, inefficient to say the least, and in many cases barbaric in their treatments of not only alleged criminals but plainly innocent civilians just going about their business and posing no threat to anyone. The legal code is overflowing now with hundreds, thousands of laws and regulations that if a cop wants to  persecute some guy he doesn’t like, the cop can just arrest him for the most arbitrary and insignificant of laws and regulations. Everywhere in America now, every day, the cops are intimidating, harassing, threatening, beating, kicking, tasing, clubbing, shooting, injuring and murdering innocent civilians. And they get away with it, because the police are above the law, and that has to stop.

What has allowed all this to happen — and it’s only going to get worse, that’s inevitable and we are already in a police state now — is giving the government a monopoly in making up positive laws that have nothing to do with protecting our natural rights, and giving the government a monopoly in community policing and security as well as ultimate judicial decision-making. As far as “justice” is concerned, we need to de-monopolize that away from the government, and decentralize the system as much as possible. And de-monopolization and decentralization must go on in other areas of life as well, such as education, health care, and so on.

At the heart of the scheme under which we currently suffer is allowing some people to be above the law, allowing some people to have the power to initiate aggression against others, allowing some people to have “authority” over others in society in general. This includes not only police, but all government bureaucrats and “public” office-holders. In a truly free, civilized society, no one would be above the law, and the laws against initiated aggression, theft and fraud, and trespass would apply to everyone. There wouldn’t be one set of standards for “civilians” and a different set of standards for those in positions of government-monopolized “authority.” The latter situation is a recipe for totalitarianism, and that is exactly what the supposedly “free” America has grown to be, especially since the turn of the 20th Century. As readers of this blog already know, we now live in a Nazi-Soviet police state.

In a de-monopolized, decentralized society, people are freer and more prosperous when smaller states are able to compete (to attract more inhabitants, etc.), but in the system under which we currently suffer, when living in a territory under a larger, centralized state (e.g. the U.S. government here in America), not only is this larger state NOT attracting more inhabitants, but people are leaving the country, and the more oppressive it is becoming, the more people who are leaving, and the more the government is trying to keep the people in. (Yes, as in all totalitarian dictatorships, when the dupes get their precious anti-immigration wall, they will see it used by our government to keep the people in.)

And in comparing America’s cities, you can clearly see which cities attract more people with lower taxes and regulations and which cities push people away with their oppressive government criminality. One great example is New York City. As I noted here, Rush Limbaugh isn’t the only one who has taken his business away from New York, and his patronizing of New York’s local businesses as well. People are leaving New York City, the city that never thinks, in droves.

Most importantly, as pertains to the article mentioned at the top of this post, if we decentralize and de-monopolize away from government control and toward more freedom and a society of voluntary relationships in which the individual has rights to life and liberty, and in which private property is protected, more people will be “secure in their persons, papers, houses and effects,” and we will avoid the economic collapse that seems inevitable now thanks to government monopoly and centralization.

I have posted the video below before, but here is Prof. Hans-Hermann Hoppe in a 2005 lecture explaining why a decentralized system of smaller states (sans a centralized power, e.g. the U.S. government, the Soviet Kremlin, etc.) is preferable to a system of centralization and large states that we have now. Hoppe addresses monetary central banking as well as other issues.

This is a bit lengthy lecture by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, at about an hour not including the follow-up Q & A, but it is worth your time.

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