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Police-Nazi Criminalization of Protesting the Government: Further Need to Decentralize

A few nights ago on the radio, Michael Savage, in a break between his nightly yelling rants and tirades, mentioned that some of the Occupy Wall Street protesters had been acting in an unsanitary manner, using sidewalks and other city grounds as toilets, and that it is not a surprise that diseases such as TB and other contagions — including with dogs — have shown up.

It is too bad that a legitimate movement to protest what should be seen as the real causes and enablers of Wall Street’s parasitism — the Federal Reserve, tax-funded bailouts, banks committing fraud and getting away with it, etc. — has been hijacked by leftists and communists who want free stuff at the expense of others by force and coercion.

The Tea Party protesters did not act in the kind of unsanitary way as are some of the current protesters, as the Tea Partiers used porta-potties and cleaned up after themselves. And unlike the hijacked Occupy Wall Street movement, the Tea Party did not call for more government control, regulations, more socialism, more fascism, but for much less government, more limitations on government’s intrusions into our lives and in the economy, i.e. more freedom.

However, that said, we have seen more and more examples of the police state that America is becoming. If there’s one good thing that these disruptive protests have accomplished, they have exposed many police for who and what they really are throughout America: fascists, bullies, violent criminals, and sick barbarians who enjoy spewing pepper spray into innocent and harmless people’s faces while the officers’ victims sit around expressing clearly non-violent behavior.

Now, this video of police spraying the pepper spray into non-violent protesters faces has gone viral. However, if it is true that they were forcing the protesters mouths open and spraying it down their throats — which I find hard to believe and can’t find any corroboration for the professor’s assertions — then, this, in addition to several officers in New York who nonchalantly sprayed the stuff into the faces of peaceful female observers just standing there, and with other officers who have deliberately used violence against peaceful military veteran protesters, etc., then we have a bunch of very sick, neanderthal barbarians working in these police forces. They are giving the appearance of police now not hesitant to use Nazi-like tactics to “enforce public safety,” that they are making it appear more like enforcing State-imposed suppression of protest, and the State’s intolerance of dissent.

As we have seen in the last 20 years of militarizing the police, especially since 9/11, some of these police have clearly been showing “overkill” in their responses to protesters, and in their following the orders of city mayors. Most of these mayors are “Progressives,” and probably align themselves with the gun control fanatics, people who oppose the rights of individuals to self-defense and their right to bear arms. If Obama gives orders to these mayors, or to governors, to literally disarm the people, which would clearly be unlawful orders, I am afraid that these police (and possibly National Guard and military as well) will have no problem with following those orders.

In a police state as ours is becoming, the disarming of the people is a further way of further empowering the State and its hired guns. In fact, the UN and the World Government crowd who love authoritarianism and hate freedom and the means to defend it, are already scheming and conniving to get international gun control into effect, to further erode what’s left of Americans’ right to self-defense and right to bear arms. Another example of how our stupid imbecilic representatives in Washington are further chopping away at our freedom and sovereignty.

And we are also seeing on the other side of the globe how Germany wants to expand its power (hmmm, that’s a new one), as Mrs. Merkel is perhaps now letting her power addiction get more out of control. As we can see, according to Nigel Farage, various government power-grabbers now are attempting to suppress national referendums, referendums in which the people would decide whether they want their freedom further taken away. The power-grabbers are trying to implement more central government controls over the people, and central bank thefts of the people’s private wealth — what’s left of it, that is.

And now in Japan, the government there has been attempting to suppress massive protests there, similar to the Wall Street protests here but in addition to their anti-nuclear, anti-Fukushima protests, and their news media do not seem to be covering all this (on behalf of the government). Were you aware of these protests in Japan?

It seems that this is a world-wide phenomenon now, with governments colluding with high-finance and central banks enabling the feeding off of the workers and producers of societies by the already rich, the politically connected and corporate State-lickers. And many of these interests are getting their media lapdogs to help them in the suppression of the truth of what they have been up to, and covering up of the crimes that they have been committing against the people. There have been several attempts to censor the Internet, under the pretense of “protecting copyrights” and other nonsense, but really with the goal of shutting up expressions of dissent and the spreading of actual information regarding what these governments and their hired guns the police are up to.

One can see how all these developments are coming together as something once known as “The Free World” is becoming increasingly less free and increasingly more totalitarian.

The real answers to these problems, as I have been stating repeatedly, are found in decentralization and de-monopolizing away from government control. This includes in money and banking, food production, energy, but mostly local policing and security. Regarding the police specifically, local police departments are monopolized by local municipal governments. There is no good reason for this.

The problem with monopoly — specifically government monopoly that legally forbids any competition — is that the monopolists are not accountable. The only real, substantive way of achieving accountability is by allowing competition. With government-monopolized community policing and security, there is no incentive amongst those charged with such duties to be productive in their “services.”

If free competition were allowed to occur, as well as voluntary groups allowed to police communities and provide security, the ones who actually did a good job in protecting the public and acting as community watchdogs and preventers of crime would be rewarded by the consumers: the public. Those who didn’t do a good job, or worse, who abused their positions and actually committed criminal acts against others (which many of our local police departments have been increasingly doing and getting away with it), would be punished, either by losing their jobs or by being criminally prosecuted for crimes committed.

In a world of common sense and actual justice, the concept of community policing and security would be totally decentralized down the the lone individual exercising one’s God-given right to protect oneself and one’s family. If we had that kind of society, there would be less aggression and more peace, because when aggressors do commit acts of aggression, their victims or would-be victims would fight back and use weapons if they had to. This would give would-be aggressors the message that, if you commit an act of aggression against someone, you may very well get killed. It’s just common sense. But currently, in the world of government-monopolized police, the police may commit acts of violence with impunity, and the police protect aggressors and punish those who protect themselves and their families from aggressors.

For example, in a world of de-monopolized policing, given that video of the cowardly police officer spraying pepper spray directly into the faces of peaceful protesters, that officer would immediately have been apprehended and arrested in a community of non-government-monopolized policing and security. In this instance, any one or group of those protesters, observers or passersby witnessing what that cop was doing would immediately have grabbed him and had him arrested and charged with many counts of assault with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief and so forth.

But in our current situation, in which the local government maintains a compulsory monopoly of community policing and security, if those people grabbed the officer who at that moment was assaulting innocent, harmless civilians, those people would have been arrested, not the criminal cop. We now live in a society in which anything can provoke an officer to arrest you for no good reason. Any kind of questioning him or non-cooperation is now known as “disorderly conduct” or “resisting arrest.” With government-monopolization of community policing and security, we now live in the Twilight Zone era of neanderthal government police who get off on their abuse of power and legal “authority.” It is that monopoly by compulsion against the people in which these criminal aggressor cops get away with their crimes against the people.

In a truly peaceful and just society, under the rule of law (and by law I mean the most basic law of civilized society: no physical violence except in case of actual self-defense, no trespassing the persons and property of others, no theft or fraud), no one would be permitted to have “authority” over others (although one could make the case for parents having authority over their children, sure), no one would be above the law, no one may commit acts of aggression against others that the rest of society is forbidden to commit. Currently, the government police are permitted to commit acts of criminal violence, theft, even murder, against others and get away with it.

I know, when people hear of suggestions to de-monopolize policing away from government, they react, “But the government MUST be in control over policing the community!” And when asked why the government must monopolize local policing, there are no clear answers, except, “But, because, uh, you see, um…”

And another example as to why we need to de-monopolize away from government control over community policing and security is this: On the radio Michael Graham has been covering the story of a guy in Swampscott, Massachusetts, McKay, who was arrested for assault when he came upon another guy, Johnson, who was allegedly stealing stuff from McKay’s truck that was in McKay’s driveway. McKay saw that the alleged truck burglar/trespasser had a knife and it appeared that he was about to use it against McKay, so McKay punched Johnson. The local police (the government-monopolized police, that is) have dropped charges against the truck-burglar trespasser Johnson and instead arrested and charged McKay with assault.

As is the case with police goons all across the country, who see themselves as gods, how dare an individual defend and protect his property and his family from intruders! The government-monopolized police say, “Why, that’s our job, YOU can’t do that!” And of course, that is why the local police have an officer assigned to every street corner, every house, every person, for our protection. You see, this is the arrogance of people in government, when government is allowed to have a monopoly over anything. The idea of an individual acting in self-defense against an aggressor is abhorrent to government people.

Just about every news item I read now is an example of how compulsory governments, federal, state and local — and worldwide — are taking over this and that sector, are centralizing more and more of their power, and becoming more and more criminal and totalitarian in their behavior and their treatment of ordinary civilians.What the “Progressives” don’t seem to understand is that, when they call for more and more government controls and regulations of business and everyday life, they are calling for more and more police — government-monopolized police, that is — to enforce all the regulations and controls. Not good.

We need to go the other way, in policing, banking and money, industry and business, and education especially. This government-controlled education stuff isn’t working out so well, and has caused an entire population to be brainwashed to love their government monopolists, and their local neanderthals.

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