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Our Cultural Decline Shown by Sicko Perv Child Rapists and Military Personnel Sexually Assaulting Their Own Comrades

I’m glad that Jim Quinn at The Burning Platform has this post on the Penn State child rapists and those who defend them, because Quinn says exactly what I had been thinking, so I don’t have to write anything. Well, but I do have some thoughts to add anyway, regarding these kinds of situations.

There really is something very deeply wrong with our society in general when a grown man goes into a men’s locker room, and actually witnesses another grown man literally anal-raping a little boy, and not physically intervening to stop the rape. And what is wrong with students there at Penn State who riot not because their coaches or other “adult” employees are child-rapists or covering up for child-rapists, but because their beloved coach was fired?

It is definitely a problem when these young people do not see something wrong in the crime of raping a child. Has our culture declined that much that people are that much desensitized to acts of physical aggression against others? Is that why our government and military’s starting wars against other countries and murdering so many hundreds of thousands of innocents just in the past two decades is so acceptable to people?

I know, I’ve brought this up before, but I really believe that our culture has declined so much this past century because of the general acceptance of the use of aggression against others, particularly by agents of government, such as in its illicit wars-for-profit overseas.

The initiation of aggression against presumably innocent people has also been made acceptable by the local government-monopolization of community policing and security. When you allow some members of your community to have authority over the rest of the people, to have the power to be above the law and be allowed to initiate aggression against others — that, if private civilians had committed the same acts of aggression they would be thrown in jail — you are asking for trouble.

And the past century’s schemes of redistribution of wealth and earnings have allowed some people to live at the expense of others’ hard labor, and allowed some people to get rich by using the armed power of the State and its corporate-State connections and the government-protected banking cartel.

With this kind of system in place, as it has been for the past century or more, it is only a matter of time that the whole society in general will end up becoming corrupt and everything that has been learned from or gained by the Enlightenment and the early Americans’ wisdom on behalf of individual rights and liberty will be increasingly less understood by each subsequent generation.

One of the best books to read on this is Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Democracy: The God That Failed. (Here is the Introduction to that great book.)

Now, onto the subject of the violent sicko perv raping a little child in the locker room. This is the kind of story that reminds me of the importance of the right to bear arms. If the locker room victim were armed, and if someone were approaching him and starting to do what the criminal in this case did, and if the criminal didn’t stop doing what he was starting to do when told by the victim to “knock it off,” then, if the victim were armed, he should then shoot the attempted rapist and blow his brains out. Yes, I know, some people don’t like it when I use language like that, I know. But there it is. (And this should apply to all people, male or female, of all ages, as well, by the way.) The society’s message here to the attempted rapist is: If you don’t like the idea that your chosen victim might shoot you and blow your brains out, then don’t rape (or assault, etc.) him or her.

This is why gun control laws have been another aspect of the decline of our society. The legal disarming of innocent civilians has made them defenseless against rapists, thugs, assaulters and murders.

A defense of the child in the locker room being armed and shooting his attacker is that all human beings have a God-given right to defend and protect their lives. For all the child knows, this criminal attacking him might have AIDS or be carrying HIV, or might have some other kind of VD, and is therefore a threat to the child’s life, so the victim has every right in the world to use a weapon to protect his life. And for all the boy knows, the rapist plans to murder him after he rapes him. I believe that in many instances, when a neanderthal criminal rapes a little child, the rapist ends up murdering the child. Knowing this very likely possibility gives the boy even more reason to shoot the attacker dead before he, the boy, ends up dead. I know there are people out there who do not agree with me, because they either side with aggressors or with those who pose a threat and a danger to the lives of others who are weaker, or because they are afraid of the idea of being alone and having to protect oneself against the predators of society, I know. But we have to face reality.

Another book to read is More Guns, Less Crime, by John Lott.

Now, getting back to the progressive occurrence and acceptance of aggression in our society, I mentioned the government’s illicit wars and its murders of hundreds of thousands overseas over the last two decades, millions if you want to include their atrocities in Vietnam, yet another country that was of no threat to the U.S. (Laurence Vance had this article on U.S. Presidents and Those Who Kill for Them.)

However, it isn’t really the wars that I wanted to refer to here, but the culture of the military, and how no one should be surprised that our military has gotten away with such murderous atrocities against foreigners, from our supposedly civilized and advanced society. The culture of our military merely reflects the society in general, that has become desensitized to the aggression and violence that many Americans now inflict against each other.

An aspect of the sick, violent nature of our military that really shocked me was the prevalence of male-against-male sexual assaults and rape within our military. That is, male soldiers and officers against other, mostly younger male soldiers. I read about that in this article, and I wrote about it here.

Now, male military personnel violence against female military personnel is bad enough. That’s a crime, no matter who the perpetrator is and no matter who the victim is. But I have a feeling that the prevalence of this male-on-male sexual assault within the military is a more recent phenomenon. To me, what the socialists and leftists of our society have done to the American male — discouraging him to grow up to be a responsible adult and get married and have a family, and instead stay alone and not be responsible, and, in fact take one’s anger and frustrations out on others — is a part of this newest trend.

Given how sickeningly authoritarian our society has become, so far away from what the American Founders intended, it’s as though the preceding generation has beat any instinctive impulse to act like a grown adult and marry and have kids right out of the males of the next generation. Such dysfunctionalities make their way into other areas, such as males preferring to be with other males, and those preferring to be with other males who feel ashamed of it and become perverted in their behaviors because of such shame, such as in raping little boys, or sexually assaulting your comrades in the military units.

And, regarding the young male military personnel who were victims of sexual assaults and reported such crimes to their superiors, if you read the article I linked to, you will see that the superiors not only wouldn’t do anything about these crimes, but were blaming the victims, saying that they caused it, or they invited the assaults.

If you are a higher ranking officer in the military, and a younger soldier came to you with such a complaint, and you wouldn’t come to his defense, then that shows that you side with aggressors, and with violence. That makes you the same kind of “criminal-coddler” that so-called military-supporting conservatives are constantly whining about. But being employed by the military means that such people are supposed to protect others (like protecting Americans from foreign criminals and invaders), not to come to the side of the aggressors when crimes are committed. Superior officers who have displayed such criminal-coddling are not worthy of the uniform they are wearing. They are of the same breed of gutless, spineless cowardly wimps that those at Penn State are who have been defending the sicko perv child rapists.

This is why I am concerned about, when Obama orders illegal, unconstitutional martial law and orders the military and police to turn the guns on the civilians, that they actually will do it. No wonder leftists like Obama want to disarm the civilians, so they can’t fight back when attacked by the armed thugs of government.

Oh, by the way, today is Veterans Day.

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