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The Anti-First Amendment NYPD, and the Misinformed Youngins Amongst the Protesters

Regarding the Occupy Wall Street protests, according to the U.K. Telegraph, some of the protesters claimed to have been led by the police onto the bridge, only to then get arrested, indicating that the police had intentionally entrapped the protesters. (Washington’s Blog has more.) However, police say that they gave warning with a bullhorn beforehand, which was barely audible amongst the protesters, as seen in this police video at NY Daily News. The police who claim that a barely audible bullhorn announcement was valid warning, as though anyone could hear it, show that the NYPD are FOS. It is difficult not to believe the protesters who say they were intentionally led and trapped onto the bridge, with police deliberately making them think it was okay to go onto the bridge as the police led them onto the bridge, only to then arrest them.

The NYPD were not merely enforcing trespassing laws or laws against blocking traffic. They were arresting people for protesting, for exercising their First Amendment-protected right to freedom of speech and right to protest. America has become a totalitarian police state already, and we will see more and more anti-First Amendment abuses by police now. Specifically, the NYPD here are protecting Wall Street, as evidenced by JP Morgan’s “unprecedented $4.6 million (donation) to the New York City Police Foundation,” according to Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism, who also provides evidence of the NY Times covering up the NYPD’s entrapment of the protesters.

Madison Ruppert, of Activist Post, gives some details from a NY Times article (that apparently escaped the editors’ pro-police scrutiny) on how the massive NYPD arrests were planned in advance. The NY Times article notes,

Earlier in the afternoon, as many as 10 Department of Correction buses, big enough to hold 20 prisoners apiece, had been dispatched from Rikers Island in what one law enforcement official said was “a planned move on the protesters.”

And Eric Blair, also of Activist Post, writes that liberty activist and former RT program host Adam Kokesh interviewed some of the protesters of ‘Occupy DC’ in Washington, and found that many of them are confused about what it is they are actually protesting, and that some of them actually want to reward Barack Obomber with reelection. (Obomber needs to be impeached, not reelected.)

In this video provided in the post by Blair, Kokesh tries to reason with the youngins:

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