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The Pledge of Allegiance Issue Returns in the People’s Republic

Well, the old Pledge of Allegiance issue is back in the news again, here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, specifically here in the Boston area, in the People’s Republic of Brookline, home of Michael Stanley Dufus Dukakis. Why must children be made to recite a loyalty oath to a flag? Okay, so it’s really a loyalty oath to America. Or is it? Sadly, this issue — which in the past has had people needlessly arguing whether the word “God” should be in the Pledge — is bringing up the generations-old confusion in many people between our country and our government.

There are two specific things: our country (America); and the federal government. It is unfortunate that when people criticize our government, some others perceive that criticism as being criticism of our country. For example, one of Sean Hannity’s rants against Ron Paul is Dr. Paul’s criticism of U.S. government foreign policy, which consists of our government and military trespassing on foreign lands for a century, especially since World War II. But the ignoramus Hannity thinks that is criticizing our country, as he foams, “Blame America, blame America,” etc. No, Ron Paul and others criticize our government’s actions, not our country.

In many people’s eyes, the Pledge of Allegiance really is a pledge of allegiance to our government, right or wrong, because they confuse country with government. Sure, being loyal to the U.S.A., especially if you live here, is a good idea, but, loyalty to our government?

Should I be loyal to a government whose professional bureaucrats and politicians start wars of aggression and solely for political reasons and never for actual defense? Should I be loyal to that government whose ineptitude and incompetence, and criminal aggression against others who are of no threat to us, led to hundreds of thousands of deaths overseas throughout the 1990s that caused blowback and retaliation against us? And then, as good little socialists would do, doubled and tripled their aggressions after 9/11?

Should I be loyal to that government whose corrupt and mentally unstable legislators rammed through an UnhealthyCare bill in the dead of night, with one new bureaucracy after another, one new intrusion into our private medical matters after another, that will raise the costs of health care and insurance and ultimately will end up giving the Soviet-wannabe leaders Obama et al the Total State Powers they dream of?

Should I be loyal to that government which employs thousands and thousands of sexual perverts and sickos, sticking their hands down people’s underwear and fondling their genitals, as well as operating cancer-causing machines whose only purpose is to make a good profit for the corporate neanderthals who produce them?

Should I be loyal to that government whose counterfeiting presses and computers fraudulently hand out new “legal tender” “Federal Reserve Notes” to the cartel of State-controlled and State-protected bankers, which devalues the currency that all Americans are forced by law to use, thus raising the prices of food and energy sources they need to buy, that the super-rich bankers don’t have to worry about?

Should I be loyal to that government whose idiot “lawmakers” rammed through a “Patriot” Act bill in the dead of night without reading the bill, that violates the God-given inalienable private property rights and individual rights to presumption of innocence, due process, and the right to be free from searches in the absence of suspicion, and all based on post-9/11 fears and paranoia and government propaganda?

No, I am not loyal to that federal government, the one single institution that is most responsible for the trashing of our liberty, the coming economic collapse and civil unrest. There is no reason to be loyal to an institution whose professional bureaucrats and politicians have acted treasonously against these United States — yes, all 50 of them! — an institution that is inherently doomed to fail, because central planning in and of itself doesn’t work and is one walking usurpation after another. Central planning does not work, and I’m sick of all this. Everything the U.S. government has done has been against the interests of the United States, and against the American people, and it is the U.S. government and all its generations of bureaucrats and politicians, lobbyists and lawyers, and other imbeciles, dirtbags and miserable wretches, who have been the MOST disloyal to the people of the United States.

We need to drop the federal government like a hot potato, before it kills us all off. Each and every state needs to secede and retain its independence and sovereignty, and the people of each state need to take back their God-given right to earn a living, do business and prosper, and raise and educate their children, without federal criminal gangsters sticking their grubby paws in everybody’s piggybanks and down their pants.

I am loyal to America, but not to the government. Besides, there is no reason for a loyalty oath, this Pledge of Allegiance. People should be presumed innocent and left alone, and the children should be left alone to do their schoolwork. Americans’ loyalty to their country should be automatically presumed, and these school bureaucrats should shut up and leave the kids alone and stop trying to forcibly indoctrinate obedience to the government in our kids. We also need to completely abolish government-run and government-controlled schools. They are worthless.

Loyalty to America? Sure. Loyalty to the government? NO!


UPDATE: I was just listening to Michael Graham talking abut this. He believes that there should be no problem if kids want to “show patriotism” with this supposedly voluntary pledge, and Graham mocked those who were worrying about kids being “pressured” to recite the pledge and that it could become a possible cause of “bullying.”

First, this recitation of a loyalty oath is not a “show of patriotism.” It is a show of obedience — specifically to the State, and especially with government schools.

Second, the whole point of this standing up collectively to recite a pledge in unison to a flag, but really, to the government, is a groupthink mentality. Our “democracy” is all about mob rule groupthink collectivism, that punishes the individual for dissent.

What if a kid — an intelligent teen who knows what’s going on in the news, or a younger kid who feels he should reflect his parents’ views — has a problem with what our government has been doing (the crimes and aggressions and intrusions as mentioned above), and he doesn’t want to stand and join the collective group to recite this loyalty oath to the State?

Or what if a high school kid in far-left Brookline has a problem with Obama’s UnhealthyCare, which caused his parents to have to pay double or triple their previous insurance rate, and he viewed the flag as symbolizing the Obama Administration. Do you really believe that his “opting out” of pledging allegiance, along with his expressed criticism of Obama, will be met with tolerance by his fellow students?

I think that many of us know quite well what would happen to such kids. (Perhaps it has been many, many, many years (and decades) since Graham was in high school, so he forgets.)

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