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N. Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue’s Chicken Is Delicious! (Although she herself is a dumb cluck.)

Last night I was listening to Michael Savage on the radio, with The Washington Times‘ Jeffrey Kuhner filling in. Actually right now I prefer hearing Kuhner rather than Savage, because I can do without all the yelling and screaming that Savage does on a nightly basis, as well as his reading from his new book (Zzzzzzz.). Anyway, Kuhner was talking about the latest Twilight Zone episode coming from, no, not Washington, but North Carolina. (Ticker Guy Karl Denninger wrote about it here.)

Gov. Beverly Perdue seriously said, “I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover…”

Kuhner was correct that these statist nitwits really are making America into the Soviet Union. Like the Republican fascist neocons Bush and Cheney, the people on the left are also authoritarian, and would enthusiastically impose martial law and “suspend” elections (i.e. indefinitely extend Obama’s term as Acting President, if they have enough sheeple to support them).

I’ve stated repeatedly that these elections are a waste of time and are a futile attempt at rearranging the deck chairs. But, if we must have elections, and when times are bad, as they have been now for quite some time, what we should do is hold elections sooner than originally scheduled, like they have done in the U.K. and in Israel when things get ugly, and so on. Even more than that, and while I’m no fan of the Constitution, given that so many people believe that Obama has violated the Constitution so many times now and that, like Bush and Cheney, he has committed war crimes, it is just sick that no one has brought articles of impeachment before Congress by now. If he can’t be impeached (because the gutless wonders of Congress who talk a good game but don’t put their money where their big blowhard mouths are), then let’s have early elections, for CONgress and for President.

Now, regarding these upcoming elections for 2012 (that don’t matter), I keep hearing from these radio talk hosts this concern about electability. “Oh, we have to pick the Republican who can unseat Obama, anything as long as we get rid of Obama.” Ron Paul? He’s unelectable! Michele Bachmann? She’s unelectable.” So these morons conclude that … Romney? Romney should be President? Socialist, mealy-mouthed, flip-flopping, unprincipled, lousy businessman Willard Romney? As Nancy Lugosi would say, Are these people serious?

Unfortunately for America, the government schools over the past many decades have given us generations of people who think only in the short term, if they think at all. Thanks to democracy, socialism and our deteriorating and narcissistic culture, most people now seem to only be able to think up to the point of winning an election. America is an immediate-gratification society. That is why the snorting oinkers in Washington run up big debts for future generations to pay for, just so that the oinkers can have their selfish pet projects and make their corporate campaign contributors happy.

But do these Republican socialists out there ever consider what will happen starting on January 20, 2013? Of course they don’t. (Does it matter? No.) What will Romney actually do as President? Will he do the critical things that are necessary to “spur the economy”? Of course not. Like the other statists, Romney will protect the statist quo, he will give Wall Street more socialist bailouts and he will not do anything about the Federal Reserve, except encourage more money printing for the short-term without considering its long term further destruction. And Romney will continue the useless, counter-productive warmongering and trespassing on foreign lands that has made us less safe. All those statists (R) will do the same thing as Obama, as Bush, and all the others, except for Ron Paul (I think).

Regarding electability, some polls have been indicating that any Republican can defeat Obomber now, including Ron Paul. But it doesn’t matter. We need to change the entire system and de-monopolize Americans’ media of exchange and get the government out of the money making business, and decentralize the banking industry, and get the government out of that, too. I agree with Hans Hoppe, that “limited government” is impossible, and, the more centralized the government (e.g. the Soviet Union U.S. government, etc.), the more tyrannical it will be, as we are seeing now right before our very eyes.

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