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More on Amerika’s Police State

There are so many things to gripe and grouse about, but I must continue my bewilderment at that formerly “liberal” People’s Republic of Brookline, here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. I have recently written about Brookline’s attempt to bring back the Ritualistic Loyalty Oath of Obedience to the Government Pledge of Allegiance in the schools. And I recently wrote about Brookline’s new multi-space parking meters as a means for the town to steal more money from motorists.

But now, we hear that in so-called “liberal” Brookline, a town that has repeatedly returned Barney Frank to Washington for 30 years, the police chief wants to fingerprint all “ice cream truck drivers, taxi drivers, managers of a business with a liquor license, automobile dealers and door-to-door solicitors,” according to the Boston Globe. At the upcoming Town Meeting, besides discussing the school Pledge of Obedience issue, they also want to ban tobacco sales in all drug stores, and order some day care centers to not have a playground (because a child might fall and hurt himself — the safety Nazis can’t have that).

With the Pledge of Obedience and fingerprinting issues combined with the anti-cigarette and “no playgrounds allowed” issues, I guess Brookline is the place where liberal fascists and conservative fascists come together in peace and harmony.

But, regarding mandatory fingerprinting, hasn’t the police chief ever heard of presumption of innocence? I would think that there might be fingerprinting of someone after they’ve been arrested, after they’ve actually been suspected of something, after they actually allegedly did something. Fingerprinting is a gathering of evidence of a suspect, not just a means of identifying someone. It is a search of someone’s person, or part of one’s person. To keep a database of something taken from someone’s person that uniquely identifies him is to already treat the individual as a suspect. It presumes guilt. It also puts these individuals’ lives and security at risk, because government databases of such personal information of private civilians can easily be breached.

As with all the other police state policies spreading throughout America, with federal, state and local governments committing crimes of intrusions against presumably innocent private civilians, this call to fingerprint certain business people and keep a database of such information illegally obtained without reasonable suspicion, will widen to these “officials” wanting to fingerprint everyone. They already want iris databases, for crying out loud, among other police state, totalitarian intrusions that will do nothing to prevent crime or terrorism.

But why is America turning into such a society of fascism? Why are the people becoming so passively accepting of these government intrusions, in which each and every civilian is treated like a criminal, and like a prisoner? And I’ve been using the word “civilian,” by the way, not “citizen,” lately, because to be a “citizen” of something, such as a “citizen of the United States” (or of fascist Brookline), means that you are owned by that community, or more accurately, owned by the State. I see two sets of people now: Government (or State) people, and civilians. I have read that only in relationship between military and everyone else is it “military and civilian,” with local police being part of the “civilian government.” But no, it is we civilians and those government people, and that’s it.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised when even so-called “liberal” communities such as Brookline are becoming so passive in accepting police state intrusions. Since 9/11, practically the whole country fell prey — like Pavlov’s dogs — to the Bush Administration’s emotional rhetoric that the lamebrain media simple-mindedly and reflexively repeated, over and over and over. “Whatever it takes, Mr. President, to keep us safe,” exclaimed formerly respectable national news journalists. (Even though, by continuing to commit aggressions overseas as they had been doing for many decades, and provoking foreigners to act against us, and doubling and tripling those aggressions after 9/11 like good little socialist central planners would do, they have been making us less safe, and they have been making us even more vulnerable to criminal intrusions by our own predacious agents of the State.)

I think there have been so many instances of police state policies, federally and locally, because those who hold positions of power now are reflective of the population as a whole, in terms of one’s sense of control over one’s own life. A lot of people are feeling much loss of control now. The economy is collapsing, a lot of people are jobless while having families to support, and are barely making ends meet. Also, we see all around us much chaos, here in the U.S. and overseas. Many government officials themselves probably have a sense of loss of control and so they make up for that by wanting to have more control over other people’s lives. I think that the NFL’s call for new pat-down procedures prior to games (which everyone should boycott, btw), Paterson, New Jersey’s attempt to impose adult night-time curfews for no good reason, and a lot of other police-state policies are showing that the “officials” who support such totalitarianism are just experiencing some kind of pathological need for control over others.

Authoritarians of the left and the right have a pathological need for control over others, and that is why they are fascists. From Obama on down to local police, they have contempt for individual rights. They do not believe in the right of the individual to be secure in one’s person, papers, houses and effects, and they do not believe in the right of the individual to one’s life and liberty, the right that one’s life be free from intrusions and from the aggression of others, and, especially, the right to presumption of innocence.

Perhaps the police chief of Brookline gets a feeling of control if he were to illegally collect and keep a database of businesspeople’s fingerprints, like that will effect in “protecting the public” any more than if they didn’t illegally collect the fingerprints. Perhaps for fascists in positions of authority and those who blindly support them, the feeling of control is what matters — America is currently the ultimate immediate-gratification society, after all.

Each day, there are more and more police state intrusions against the people, with the DHS and TSA, NSA, FBI and CIA, the Patriot Act, and locally all across America the militarization of police, the useless State-protecting Supreme Court upholding one police violation after another now, and corporatism’s intrusions of criminalizing everything from raw milk to guitars, and the fascist FDA criminalizing food and nutritional medicine in the name of protecting Big Pharma’s selfish and greedy profits. And now police chiefs all across America, while having Total State Control over whether an individual may exercise one’s God-given right of self-defense and right to bear arms, they want more and more power and intrusiveness for themselves against us, and they want to remove as much individual liberty and property rights away from the civilians as possible.

Where is all this leading? Will it EVER end, this obvious road to tyranny? We really are facing a choice in America now, that choice between two Americas is between the ever-increasing totalitarianism Soviet America, and freedom.

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