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More from the People’s Republic of Brookline

Another story to write about from the People’s Republic of Brookline, Massachusetts, home of the former governor and imbecile-emeritus Michael Dukakis. It seems that people have been complaining about Brookline’s relatively new multi-car parking meters. A Town Meeting member is gathering signatures to have the town address the situation, “fix” (yeah, right) the meters, or return to the old single-car meters.

People are waiting in lines to sign the petitions. One petition-signer stated that the meters are “dysfunctional.” That is because, in my opinion, the town installed these multi-car meters to deliberately confuse motorists so as to increase the number of parking tickets to be handed out.

That petition-signer also stated that she will not do her shopping in Brookline because of the new meters.

I could see this scam from the beginning, in Brookline and the other cities and towns that are implementing this new racket. These local bureaucrats are just the same as the state and federal bureaucrats. They and their deficit-laden budgets are desperate for financial sources in order to fund their always-increasing numbers of added bureaucrats and bureaucracies, with triple-digit salaries and extravagant pensions. (“Hmmm. What new ways can we use to extract even more money from the people?”)

Okay, maybe their idiocy was well-intended, maybe.

You see, central planning bureaucrats come up with these schemes, whether this was intentional or not, or whether they really did intend for multi-car meters to aid in greater parking efficiency, and, what happens is their new schemes and devices effect in pushing people away. In this case, they are confusing and frustrating motorists to the point that fewer and fewer people will visit Brookline or do their shopping there. So, the central planners of the town, with the intention of collecting more, will collect less, and cost themselves more when they can’t afford all the new bureaucrats and their high salaries and extravagant pensions.

But what will be done with this petition for Town Meeting and the Board of Selectmen is that the issue will be “studied.” (Surprise!) They already started a “task force” for that purpose last month.

Bottom line: If you live in the greater Boston area, don’t go to Brookline for shopping (or perhaps anything else for that matter).

Maybe it is time to take Walter Block more seriously.

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