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Monopolist Bureaucrats and Their Interventions Intentionally Turn Good People Into Bad

Becky Akers has this piece on the NYPD-CIA-Fear-Mongering-False-Flag-Complex. This article gives yet some more examples of the difference between government and non-government. I have mentioned many times before how government monopolies are not accountable. This includes government’s monopolies in national security, “federal investigating,” and community policing. All employees of these government monopolies serve the bureaucracy. They need not serve the people because there is no incentive to do so, as there would be in a competitive market. All employees of government-monopolized police, “federal investigation” or security are bureaucrats, all of them. (Or, as David Kramer would say, bureaucRATs.)

Becky Akers’s piece highlights the scheme of FBI bureaucrats’ approaching a young male, teenage through young adult age, someone with no prior criminal or arrest record, and intentionally encouraging the kid to want to commit crimes of violence. The FBI bureaucRATs deliberately manipulate the kid psychologically, particularly to foment “jihad”-associated rage and anti-American and anti-Western emotions and then encourage him to act out against innocents, based on those artificially-stimulated emotions. The bureaucRATs actually provide the materials for the youngin’s prospective terrorist acts. But don’t worry, the schemers make sure that the device or “bomb,” or whatever, won’t work. They need it for their illegal, criminal entrapment of these otherwise non-violent youths, who wouldn’t have done or wanted to do anything had these interventionists not done their intervening.

The reason these scheming government bureaucrats do this is to add to their list of quotas for apprehended and arrested (and, they hope, convicted) “terrorists.” Only in government-land would this occur, certainly not the private sector. Can you imagine a private security or investigative firm doing this? They’d be indicted for inciting violence, and for promoting terrorism, pure and simple. But, when you have competitive security firms in the private sector, they are actually held accountable under the rule of law.

Government bureaucrats do not act under the rule of law. They are above the law. This is what government monopolies do. The monopoly agencies — that the entire public are compelled by law to use, with no alternative choices allowed — really are there to provide baby-sitting services for these misfits who could otherwise probably not survive in a private-sector world, in which everyone is accountable under the rule of law, and no one may use the armed force of the State to monopolize any endeavor by legally restricting the right of others to compete.

Anyone who intentionally encourages a youngin to commit acts of violence is acting immorally. Immoral people encourage violence in others. The moral people are those who discourage violence in people. Shame on the bureaucRATs.

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