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Beck and His Fellow Clueless Neocons Are All Nuts

Yesterday Glenn Beck had David Horowitz on, promoting Horowitz’s new book, “Boring, Boring, Boring.” I’m not only sick of these neocons and their “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran,” paranoia, but their painfully transparent hypocrisy and total cluelessness as to what they are saying. They just don’t listen to themselves. It is difficult to believe that they really believe what they are saying,  but they do. Government-controlled schooling indoctrinates and reinforces obedience to the State and does nothing else. It certainly doesn’t encourage people to engage in critical thinking.

Sometimes listening to these supposedly “right-wing” neocons, who are really left-wing, is the same thing as listening to left-wingers. They all agree on one thing: The State is great, let’s bow to the State. They react emotionally to all the government propaganda that’s fed to them, as do the left, and eat it all up, without question. And, in typical Orwellian fashion, to the neocons “small government” really means Big Government.

For example, yesterday Glenn Beck was pointing out how the people on the left are out of touch with reality. In Beck’s criticism of the left’s distaste for their usual “bad guys,” such as corporations and so forth, Beck referred to the left’s idealizing as “We can have a Big Government that will get rid of all the bad guys,” and referred to the leftists as “simpletons” in that regard.

But really, Beck was unwittingly referring to himself and his fellow neocons in these past 10 years of futility, making Big Government Bigger and Bigger, to “get rid of the bad guys,” that these neocons will continually try to do, but never will do. That is, the very Big Government they support — placing its military bases and other government apparatus on all these other territories, trampling on the other peoples’ lands and murdering hundreds of thousands of their innocents, that the U.S. government has been doing especially since 1990, well before 9/11 — and its aggressions and trespasses are what have been motivating those foreigners to commit terrorist acts against us. But these neocons are blind to their very own idealizing and fantasizing, and refuse to hear someone tell the truth about the crimes our government and its military have been committing, since well before 9/11.

Beck referred to this so-called “caliphate to sweep the Middle East.” However, in actuality, these neocons have been on their own crusade, with all the religious fervor of the “Islamic extremists,” in their socialist, central-planning zeal to “reshape the Middle East,” or “democratize” it. Their zeal to do such socializing and reshaping is just as fanatical and destructive as the left’s zeal in reshaping the health care system in their desired image. These leftist neocons, a.k.a. “neoconservatives,” are hardly conservative, hardly believe in “small government,” do not believe in the rights of the individual to life, liberty and property as described by the so-called Founders (of whom Beck constantly lovingly speaks), and certainly do not believe in the so-called “Christian moral values” that they won’t shut up about.

When Beck’s guest, David Horrorwitz, compared themselves with their enemies the “Islamists,” he said, “We are creators — they are destroyers,” I thought I was listening to one of Beck’s pre-rehearsed and scripted comedy routines that he and his radio cohorts often perform for us. The real destroyers of the past century have been these neocons and neolibs, these internationalists and globalists, these leftists and central-planner obsessive-compulsives, from Woodrow Wilson to Barack Obama, FDR to Bush, and all points between.

When you know that David Horrorwitz and his fellow leftist neocons (such as Podhoretz and the late Kristol) are communists — and they supposedly were communists, but it looks like they never abandoned their cause of collectivism and statism — and their ilk Cheney, Bush, et al act like communists (and fascists) with total disregard for human life, invading and occupying other territories and murdering their inhabitants, then it is very hard to take them seriously.

Horrorwitz referred to “Cristian values,” and “love your neighbor.” Sorry. The policies they have been supporting have been the opposite of such beliefs. The level of historic (and economic) ignorance, paranoia and State-worship in that whole conversation showed that these neocon leftists are right on the same page with the “Homeland Security” Obama police statists and sicko TSA perverts.

My conclusion: These people are all nuts. Like the religiously zealous and fanatical Islamic extremists, the neocons and neolibs’ religion is Statism. They and their ilk and the policies they have been supporting have caused more death and destruction, and intrusions into everyone’s private lives, liberty and property, than Muslims have ever done or ever will do.

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