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The Progressives’ Regulatory Police State, Small Government Fascists, and the Right’s Anti-Muslim Hysteria

There have been quite a few blog posts and articles in just the past few days that have made me feel compelled to do this post. First, I found this blog called Progressives for Ron Paul, and this specific post calling for other Progressives to sign a letter to Dr. Paul, asking him to compromise on some of his principles to get their support. Something went wrong when I submitted my comment, either that or it just wasn’t accepted. But here is my comment, in response to some of their specific requests:

It’s good that you’re supporting Ron Paul. However, I don’t believe he would name a coalition cabinet that includes progressives, certainly not in economic policy. Most Progressives support the stifling regulatory State that has been killing the economy.

And Dr. Paul will not agree to supporting any kind of “progressive consumption tax,” because consumption taxes are actually regressive, not progressive, and hurt the poor the most.

Dr. Paul probably would not endorse a “progressive Democrat” in a primary, because progressive Democrats by and large support the vast amount of the regulatory bureaucracies that Paul wants to get rid of, including the EPA, the FDA, and ObamaCare.

And Dodd-Frank as well. We need to eliminate the special favors that government gives to the big banks, and hold all banks and financial institutions accountable under the rule of law.

If only Progressives were more informed on how government interventionism in the economy makes everyone worse off, just as government’s foreign interventionism does, and how government-corporate cronyism has made the rich richer and the middle-class poorer, you would support Ron Paul economically, as well.

And I recommended some articles to read, including The Ethics of Liberty, The Free Market, The Clean Water Act vs. Clean Water, The Minimum Wage Protects the Rich, The Socialist Wall Street Bailout, and The Case Against the Federal Reserve.

Progressives, “liberals,” “socialists,” whatever they are, are usually those — at least, in the past — who protest police abuse and so forth, but, at the same time, they call for more and more government interventionism and regulations in private economic matters. What they don’t realize is that, when you call for more government regulations of economic or otherwise private activity, you are calling for greater police powers to enforce them. This is what some of us in the real world call the “regulatory police state.” This police state can be seen in the harassment of property owners in their front yard vegetable gardens, garage sales, kids’ lemonade stands, all the way up to “insider trading” and other government scams of entrapment of non-crimes.

The regulatory police state harasses, terrorizes and criminalizes non-criminal individuals and small businesses and entrepreneurs, as a means of protecting the established bigger businesses, banks, and other Big Business institutions who use the armed power of the law and police to protect their own selfish interests at the expense of others. Related to this, the Federal Reserve’s counterfeiting puts new money into the economy that devalues the currency and causes price inflation especially in food and energy. The Fed allows the first receivers of the new money — the Primary Dealers (Big Banks) — to profit from the new money in the billions (or trillions), while the later receivers, the rest of us schmucks, have to deal with the inflation that the richer rich people don’t have to worry about. I wish “Progressives” could understand this. Unfortunately, the left lives in a world that is not real, not with reality, just as much as the right lives in their own non-reality with their Muslim paranoia and obsession with this false understanding of the Bible and their obession with gay marriage.

Robert Wenzel posted this one yesterday: Ron Paul Warns of Riots; Robert Reich Calls for Marches, noting the polar opposites between the two, the responsible Paul and the irresponsible, infantile Reich. Wenzel notes:

There’s a global attitude among many that government should somehow act to take care of the populace. The fundamental understanding that only production creates wealth and that government sucks up wealth, just has not sunken in. Frighteningly, there will be anger against government for ”not doing enough,” which will likely lead to people taking to the streets.  But the anger will not be taken out against government. It likely will result in riots in our major cities that will destroy property and other wealth that has been created by the private sector that has nothing to do with the undeliverable promises of the government.

The Progressive left is out to lunch when it comes to understanding the nature of compulsory government. Robert Reich reminds me of the two young ladies in the U.K. who were commenting how justified they were in their rioting, thinking they were fighting back against “the Rich,” in their destroying small businesses and shops. Their ignorance is no different from that of the left in general, thinking that people who happen to own businesses or employ people are “the Rich,” when most of them are just barely getting by and trying to make ends meet.

If you look at the general population immediately surrounding the Washington, D.C. area, you will find “the Rich,” most of whom profit from the federal government’s confiscating wealth from the general population. And if you look in and around Manhattan and Connecticut, you will find the Wall Street “Rich,” who also profit from government’s corporate handouts and the Fed’s EZ money.

A few days ago talk host Michael Savage represented the right-wing version of the left’s infantilism and fantasy-world. Savage was telling people to take down the tail numbers of the private jets at the airport in Martha’s Vineyard to see who exactly is there at the same time that Barack Obama is there. So some guy calls in saying he was doing that but was afraid of getting arrested, in the same way that people are getting arrested merely for videotaping police.

In one breath, Michael Savage was saying what a “police state” this is now because of Jamit Napolitano’s Homeland Insecurity and the TSA goons, and that you could get arrested for anything now, and then he’s going on about the NYPD’s infiltration of Islamic mosques that wasn’t based on any specific crimes or suspicion, and Savage was becoming all emotional and immature in his approval of this. He used as a comparison World War II, with Hitler invading other countries and the FBI infiltrating German-American-owned business, clubs or organizations. And now they should infiltrate Muslim’s private property and associations to “prevent terrorism.” (My advice to the owners of mosques is to use the Second Amendment against invaders and intruders of their property and organizations.)

Obviously, Savage doesn’t like Obama’s Homeland Insecurity police state against Americans in general, but he does like the NYPD’s or FBI’s police state invasions and intrusions against presumably innocent Americans associating peacefully on their own property. Savage suffers from anti-Muslim hysteria, which has been a problem in America especially since 9/11. I noted recently how the way to prevent terrorism is not to violate people’s inalienable rights of presumption of innocence and the right to be left alone and the right to due process, or to start wars against other countries and murder innocents abroad. The way to prevent this Islamic, Middle-Eastern-based terrorism is for the U.S. government to stop trespassing on foreign lands and murdering their people, which it has been doing since long before 9/11. As I have also observed, central planning in national security, which all Americans are compelled to use, only encourages the federal monopolists to commit aggression against foreigners and provoke them to act against us.

Like the Progressives’ regulatory police state, government monopoly in security and judicial decision-making encourages irresponsibility and criminality, with the military as especially led by its incompetent and corrupt bureaucrats of the Pentagon, with local police departments, and with the whole judicial system.

Keven Carson had this article recently, on Small Government Fascists, regarding how the Tea Party-”small government” types who fear government’s police state overreach in ObamaCareless and the TSA Nazi thug goons, nevertheless support the extreme police state prosecutorial criminality that we have been seeing more of in recent years. Carson refers to some specific cases, and to Rick Perry, and notes, “The really scary part is that, to a certain segment of the American Right, it really is more important that somebody — anybody — be punished than to make sure you’re punishing the right person…If someone worships the power of uniformed, armed thugs, and celebrates the lawless abuse of power by such thugs, there’s nothing ‘small government’ about them.”

It is more important to prosecutors now to protect themselves from the embarrassment of poorly or incompetently investigated or prosecuted cases than it is to protect innocent individuals from being falsely jailed or murdered by the State.

And Wendy McElroy had this piece, Police-Thugs with Guns, referring to recent cases of police brutality and cover-ups. In the same regard to the aforementioned prosecutors’ crimes, it is more important to local police departments to protect themselves from bad publicity caused by the Nazis and neanderthals within their ranks than it is to protect the public from the crimes and violence of the police.

They are extremely selfish people, these thuggish, criminal officials, in their protecting themselves from embarrassment (“Oooo, I’m a gutless weasel — I can’t handle being embarrassed!”) at the expense of other human beings’ lives and liberty. There is a place in Hell awaiting them.

I have mentioned this before, but the reason for more and more police and prosecutorial abuse and crimes is because of the compulsory monopoly that the government has in security, community policing and judicial decision-making. We need to de-monopolize and decentralize the police and courts, and legalize voluntary and competing policing and security organizations. That is the only way to hold people accountable, under the rule of law. Monopolists are not accountable. The big problem is, when you monopolize something like policing and security, and give these people this officialdom and “authority” of the State, in which they are permitted to be above the law, but in which the rest of us schmucks must “obey the law” (meaning: obey THEM!), you are already asking for trouble.

And for the same reasons, we have to de-monopolize the production and distribution of money, take it out of the Fed’s dirty, criminal hands, decentralize the government-protected banking cartel and eliminate government regulations of and privileges for businesses and banks at the expense of everyone else.

End the criminal, regulatory police state and police monopoly!

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