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Totalitarianism: From the Local Nazi Neighbors to the Federal Gestapo

It just seems that there is one item after another in the news that continuously reinforces the assertions that, not only do we live in a police state but the government is directly attempting to make us less healthy, and our own neighbors seem to get off on helping the totalitarians in government inflict their intrusiveness into our private lives. These anti-freedom statists seem to do everything they can to make life as miserable as possible for everyone.

Karen De Coster has this post at the blog on how the FDA has been cracking down on food producers (as well as the non-pharmaceutical supplement industry). Harassing a winery for its elderberry wine, and harassing Diamond Foods for its walnut products that the FDA asserts are “drugs” because of the company’s claims that the walnuts are good for prevention, and “may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.” And harassing the cherry industry for its claims of cherries containing “anti-oxidants,” that we need for prevention as well.

So what the FDA is doing is they are making it difficult for consumers to get healthy food products that are good for the prevention of health problems. When the FDA makes it difficult for us to have access to healthy foods, that means they are actively posing a danger to our health, pure and simple. It’s not just a matter of “incompetent, ignorant bureaucrats,” because we know that incompetence and ignorance are inherently part of being a government bureaucrat. This is a matter of bureaucrats criminally acting against the interests of the people, and against our health. The actual bureaucrats who are willfully acting criminally, who are engaging in these cases of harassment of private food producing companies, need to be criminally charged with harassment and reckless endangerment of the people’s lives and health. The American people need to fight back and seek justice against criminally reckless bureaucrats.

And it isn’t just a matter of the State acting against various industries, but the State has been going after private citizens, adults and children — everyone — for every little minor “infraction” that the State has an issue with. The bottom line is, the agents of the State just like to order people around, and as I have written in the past, the agents of the State, and those citizen brownshirts who follow their lead, are little dictators.

In fact, just yesterday, the End of the American Dream blog had this post on how police are cracking down on little kids’ lemonade stands and little kids selling girl scout cookies on their yard. The writer notes,

We no longer have the freedom to grow food or make something to drink and sell it to our neighbors.

To the control freaks in government, that is way too “dangerous”.

And, regarding the police who banned the kids from selling  girl scouts cookies on their lawn, they were “ratted out” by a neighbor. A little dictator neighbor. Obviously, the kids were not interfering with the neighbor’s life or trespassing on the neighbor’s property, and probably weren’t even any kind of a nuisance to the neighbor. No, it was the neighbor who acted like a nuisance against the kids, and got the police to act on the prick little dictator neighbor’s behalf. This is why, with situations like these, what people need to do is “crack down” on these nosy, harassing neighbors, by criminally charging the neighbor for harassment, child abuse, and causing distress for the kids and their families. The American police state is alive and well, with the active participation of citizens who want to pester and bother and harass innocent people who are minding their own business.

The End of the American Dream blog writer observes,

Unfortunately, this is just part of a larger trend.  The more that government expands, the less liberty and freedom we are left with.  Yes, there will always be a need for government, but our founding fathers intended for government to be much, much more limited than it is currently.

In Amerika today, if you want to do almost anything you must get the permission of the government to do it first.  And usually you have to pay a fee for that permission…

The entire globe is being transformed into a police state.  Governments all over the planet are constantly figuring out new ways to more tightly control their populations.  Everywhere you look, liberty and freedom are on the retreat.  We are being told that it is for “our own good” and that more control will mean more “safety and security” for humanity.

But every totalitarian regime in history has ended badly.  With all of the sophisticated technology that we have today, the ability to control people is potentially greater than ever before in history.  As the world becomes a little bit more like a prison grid every single day, the potential for abuse grows.  If someday all of this power gets into the wrong hands, it is going to be a nightmare unlike anything we have ever seen before.

This is exactly what I’ve been saying for a while. But when you give these control freaks, these criminals, these barbarians the apparatus to provide the means of such bureaucratic police state totalitarianism, they will use it and for evil purposes, as we are seeing.

Government monopolization and government centralization are the apparatus that have led to our modern police state, with all the little dictators and Nazis they have now, who abuse their power and authority, so the apparatus’ existence is inevitably entirely self-serving. It’s a power trip, including for the Nazi neighbors who “rat” on innocent people minding their own business.

Government’s monopolizing various functions, and compelling the citizenry to use those government monopolies, is inherently corrupting. Just one big example is how local governments monopolize community policing and security. The monopolized “crime-preventers” have become the criminals.

And centralization of government is inherently fixed to only grow in power and intrusiveness, and criminality. We need to remove the centralization and the actual apparatus of that centralization (in America’s case, the federal government that sits in Washington sucking away at the life of the people). What would be preferable would be a territory consisting of 50 sovereign states, or maybe even hundreds or thousands of independent cities and towns, or boroughs and wards, and neighborhoods, with competing and/or voluntary policing and security agencies. Such a way of life supports freedom and independence, as well as peace and prosperity, whereas with the current apparatus in place we get nothing but institutionalized aggression and tyranny — a prison society.

(For those who find these ideas something worthy of considering, but are concerned about “national security,” and feel that we need central planners to protect a huge territory of thousands of square miles and 300 million people, despite the central planners’ incompetence, their deliberately provoking foreigners and their criminality, then read this.)

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