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The Federal Reserve Is a Destructive Government Agency, and It Needs to Be Closed Permanently

Washington’s Blog and The American Dream Blog are referring to the Federal Reserve as a “private,” not government agency. However, as Ron Paul has noted many times, the Fed was created by a legislative act, the Federal Reserve Act. It also has a government-monopoly on counterfeiting fake, unsound, valueless currency as a pretense of money that the government forces all Americans to use as their sole medium of exchange. The Fed is a GOVERNMENT agency, and Murray Rothbard states this as well in his The Case Against the Fed.

We can end the Federal Reserve the same way it was created, with a legislative act. The people have a right to use whatever they damn well want for trade and commerce, and have a right to use alternatives.

We need to end this destructive, authoritarian system that has caused America’s economic decline for a century.

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