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More on the State’s War on the Family

Activist Post has this post on a homeschooling family whose life has been turned upside down by the State’s “Child-Protection Services” Nazis (CPS Nazis). Supposedly, the Hendersons’ State-imposed turmoil was initiated by an anonymous tipster, who felt it was important to engage in an act of passive-aggressive violence against totally innocent people. When the State says “Child Protection,” it means that the State owns the children (and the adults, too) and it wants to remind us of that. What needs to be done is the people need to protect themselves and their children from the violence of the State. The people have to start fighting back.

The Activist Post writer includes a detailed chronology of events of what the State has done to the Henderson family of Pasadena. As the writer notes, “This story might prove to be a similar cautionary tale as that of citizen spy programs in tyrannical regimes.”

The article also includes some more information of widespread history of CPS abuse, including the story of an outspoken Georgia state senator, Nancy Schaefer, who, with her husband, was murdered in what the State (and its Atlanta Journal Constitution State-obedient stenographers) has asserted to be a “murder suicide,” even though there was plenty of information available showing that to not be the case. Schaefer had exposed the corruption within the State-employed criminals of “Child Protection Services,” and had submitted legislation to resolve some of the issues, strongly resisted, of course, by the Nazis of the State’s “Child Protection Services.”

The Activist Post also includes more videos that describe the violence committed against American children in the name of “protecting” them.

Recently, a man self-immolated in front of a New Hampshire courthouse because of what the corrupt and inhumane demons of the State had done to him and his family. (See here and here.)

Hans-Hermann Hoppe addresses why it is not a good idea for the State to have a monopoly in anything, including justice, security and community policing.

Here is the late Georgia state Sen. Nancy Schaefer:

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