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Journalists: Be a REAL Do-Gooder. DON’T Propagandize for the Government. Just Let the Truth Be Told.

If you’re a young journalist or in journalism school to be a professional journalist, especially with the intention of covering current events and the important issues of the day, chances are that you are doing it because you want to be a “do-gooder,” and use the influence of communication to “make a difference.”

In the past 30 or 40 years, the younger journalists seem to have been going into the profession with the intention of being an “activist,” to “promote change.” Unfortunately too many of them, along with their non-journalism peers, have been so indoctrinated by the statist, government-worship mentality in the government public schools and the government-approved and government-regulated private schools, that to them repeating the government’s press releases and emotion-driven slogans is how the news should be delivered to the masses and discussed in forums.

The broadcast and cable reporters and producers, and the print writers and editors, no longer seem to want to get multiple or alternative sources of information, to confirm or disconfirm what they were told by government officials. It seems that the majority of them now, not just the younger ones but the older more seasoned ones as well, are just not interested in alternative sources of information, or even news stories that don’t fit in with their ingrained, State-indoctrinated ideas of “government as the be-all and end-all” of our society and our civilization.

That is why during the 1990s only a small minority of Americans even knew that in 1991 the U.S. military deliberately bombed Iraqi civilian water and sewage treatment facilities, participated in the sanctions of withholding the means to rebuild those structures, and that hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis had gotten diseases such as typhoid and cancer and there were at least a half-million deaths by the year 2000. And, despite that the 9/11 terrorists and those associated with the planning of 9/11 had quite publicly stated their reasons for that terrorist attack as largely political and as a retaliation toward U.S. government’s invasive and murderous foreign policy, especially in Iraq during the ’90s, most Americans still went along with the post-9/11 government-issued propaganda that mentioned nothing of its own culpability with bombings and sanctions.

And, because of the government-groupie activist journalists, that is why, despite all the evidence now uncovered of the fraud and hoax of “man-made global warming,” and despite the thousands of respectable scientists and academics who have publicly refuted and denounced the global warming “science” that was promoted by Al Gore and forced on millions of terrorized American schoolchildren, still a majority of Americans continue to believe the hoaxes and frauds and still want their government officials to “do something before it’s too late!”

And, thanks to the intellectually and professionally lazy (and physically lazy as well) journalists today, despite how public the banksters’ frauds and robo-signing has become, that is why the states’ attorneys generals are negotiating with the banks so that the financial fraudsters will be allowed to get away with their crimes, and that is why the fraud and robo-signing are still going on to this day. And it is because of the journalists of today — no longer yearning to seek out the truth and expose it to the world — that most Americans, including those homeowners who have been defrauded and manipulated by the banksters, don’t even know the frauds are still going on.

So, if you’re a young, up-and-coming journalist, and if you believe that government is good, or that government-issued privileges for big businesses like banks and so on are a good thing, you need to shake all those State-obeying ideologies that have been ingrained throughout your earlier years. If you really want to be a real do-gooder, get the information that the government isn’t giving you. You must assume that government officials are not giving you the whole story, and actively find, as Larry Glick used to say, “the story behind the story.”

The truth shall set us free.

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