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Be Smart: Refuse the “Smart Meters”

The End of the American Dream Blog has this post on the enviro-fascist Green Nazis’ privacy-invasion government/police-spying devices they want to put in every home in America, the Smart Meters, which are about as “smart” as Anthony Whiner sending porn photos to young ladies and about as “smart” as Michele Bachmann signing a pledge to outlaw said porn.

The End of the American Dream Blog notes,

For law enforcement officials, these surveillance devices are a dream come true. According to the Columbus Dispatch, police in central Ohio have been filing at least 60 subpoenas every single month for the energy-use records of those that they suspect are growing pot in their homes.

Well, it turns out that sometimes police are raiding homes that are using a lot of energy and they don’t find any marijuana at all. Instead, sometimes these raids reveal others kinds of activities….

Sometimes, high electricity use doesn’t lead investigators to drugs. A federal investigation in the Powell area turned into a surprise for detectives.

“We thought it was a major grow operation … but this guy had some kind of business involving computers,” Marotta said. “I don’t know how many computer servers we found in his home.”

So do you want police raiding your home if you start using a little bit too much electricity?

Jerry Day, an electronics and media expert from Burbank California, recently detailed many of the ways that smart meters act as surveillance devices when they are installed in our homes….

And the writer provides this video of Day explaining the usefulness of the “Smart Meters” for police state intrusions. “Smart Meters are no different from wire-tapping devices.”

It is not really just a matter of privacy that we should be concerned about, but security. We are not secure when people are keeping track of us in our homes, or in our cars either, or via our cell phones, emails or Internet usage. I am not a fan of the CONstitution, but it does recognize our inalienable, natural “right to be secure” in our “persons, papers, houses and effects.” We are not secure when someone is keeping track of our private activities, our personal habits, and our daily behaviors, and certainly not when the data of such behaviors are being sold to businesses, or seized by police or criminals (sorry for the redundancy) to be used to commit crimes against us, or to be used as rationales by police to commit crimes against us.

Jerry Day has good advice: If the local electric company comes by to replace your electric meter with a “Smart Meter,” you can refuse that and have them continue to use what they already have in place — it’s good enough. To protect yourself from the criminals of the State, don’t unwittingly give the local Gestapo the “probable cause” they want to harass you with: the “Smart Meter.”

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