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Amerikans’ Self-Absorption and Narcissism, Thanks to Covetous and Intrusive Government Interventionism

I managed to catch a little of Laura Ingraham’s show this morning, and she was discussing how some people have this compulsion to constantly check their cell phones or iPhone or Smart Phone, or whatever gadget people are now addicted to these days, with this obsession of wanting to see if someone is trying to reach them. I think that Dr. Laura said that she herself has that problem. Given how always distracted our senators and congresspeople seem to be, as especially evidenced by their constant incoherence and, at times, occasional drooling, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that over 90% of those inside-the-beltwaytards also have that phone obsession-addiction.

Some of the situations that were referred to included someone being with a friend (in person) and the friend constantly checking the little gadget of choice, constantly interrupting their conversation, not to take a phone call, no, but just to check to see if anyone is trying to reach him or her! I can’t believe just how self-absorbed some people are, that they don’t even realize how rude they are to their friend they are with and talking to.

And the worst of this seems to be amongst the younger crowd. When I was growing up, it was considered rude to interrupt your conversation with someone to go make a phone call or do something that was an unnecessary distraction. And we didn’t even HAVE cell phones when we were kids! I can’t believe these parents these days, letting little kids have cell phones! And the parents (especially those younger ones in their 20s into their 30s) are also rude these days.

But that is a pervasive aspect of our culture now: self-absorption and narcissism to a pathological degree. Thanks in large part to democracy, and to greater and greater government involvement in everyday life, in which the government does everything for you like you’re a baby, and thanks to having given up one’s right to one’s property by letting the government grab it from you.

Thanks to the covetousness that has been institutionalized throughout Amerika. The government sector and especially their unions are entitled to a portion (a large portion) of the earnings for which the workers and producers of society do their labor. The middle-class do their labor to serve the government unions, and that includes the huge, extravagant pensions and benefits packages that teachers, police and firefighters get, and want more of.

But it’s not just the government sector who wants to enslave their productive neighbors’ labor. The banksters are just as narcissistic and self-absorbed as well. The banksters, especially those “PDs” such as Government Sachs and Bank of Amerika, etc., benefit from Helicopter Ben’s money-printing sprees, as we have seen from the billions and billions (as Carl Sagan used to say) the banksters get in their bonuses.

And, of course, the “defense contractors,” a.k.a. the military-congressional-industrial-complex, have benefited, especially since the post-9/11 fear-mongering hysteria and militaristic destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan that George W. Bush started. Common sense would tell us that if you invade and occupy and trespass on other foreign territories, as the U.S. government has been doing for the past century and especially since the elder George Bush started the first war against Iraq in 1990-91, the people who actually live on those territories will probably not like that, and will probably retaliate. But, to government interventionist bureaucrats and their blindly following sheep, the answer to the foreigners’ retaliation to the U.S. invaders’ aggression is…. MORE government interventionism, more invasions, more occupations, more bombings and murdering of innocents and more creation of terrorists to retaliate against our invasive, murderous government.

That reminds me, check out Murray Rothbard’s take on the early banksters and how they benefited from early U.S. government war-mongering, and, of course, USMC Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler wrote that “War Is a Racket,” because it sure is. And, as Randolph Bourne would say, War Is the Health of the State.

But I wonder if the war-mongers of the neocon right and their friends of the military-industrial-congressional-complex and the Big Banksters of Wall Street are themselves addicted to their cell phones, their iPhones, their Smart Phones, and, in their state of self-absorption, constantly check their little gadgets to see if they are wanted somewhere. No, they aren’t wanted, believe me. But I’ll bet that many of these people have that problem, especially the younger ones.

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