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The “Mainstream” Media and Government vs. “Extremists” Who Believe in Freedom

Here is a video of Becky Not-Too-Quick and her Squawking cohorts interviewing Ron Paul. One of the Squawkers repeatedly asked Dr. Paul how he could change his views or rephrase his positions on the issues so they would sound more “mainstream.” Apparently, to these people, rule by knuckle-dragging elitists and police-gestapo is considered “mainstream.”

And also recently, Tom Woods had this video response to the Mother Jones article on Ron Paul’s “extreme” views. Apparently, advocating individual liberty, property rights, free markets, freedom of contract, civil liberties, fiscal responsibility and the rule of law are “extreme” views. (Tell that to Thomas Jefferson.)

The squawker on the first video who asked Dr. Paul a 2nd time to change his views clearly could not get it through his head that freedom could possibly be “mainstream.”

For some reason, the propagandists in the media want us to believe that Congress’s spending like drunken sailors and robbing our grandchildren to pay for their selfish earmarks, political paybacks and luxury junkets, is “mainstream.”

The courts now allowing police to break into people’s homes without warrants and murdering them is now “mainstream.” And one property intrusion and contract intrusion after another, by way of fascist-corporatist regulatory trespasses, is “mainstream.”

And we have the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing regulatory Nazi Cass Sunshine nudging us into a police state. That’s “mainstream.”

Stealing from the workers and producers of society to fund Wall Street‘s bonuses is “mainstream.” Helicopter Ben’s obsessive-compulsive central planning wet-dreams that end up causing the next Greater Depression, that’s “mainstream.”

Do these elitists in the “mainstream” media believe that people don’t have rights anymore? Like the right not to be searched without probable cause or reasonable suspicion or without a warrant, the right to not be assaulted, molested, murdered, trespassed, by neanderthal police, TSA goons, and other parasitic mobsters of the State?

Cass Sunshine and his Obommunist ilk do not like the idea of freedom, the idea of an individual having the right to live one’s life as one sees fit, the right of self-defense, the right to run one’s business and property without intrusion and trespasses by the neighbors, the competition, or the State, and many in the “mainstream” media are with these human-hating criminals.

While it is “extreme” to advocate freedom as Dr. Paul does, it is considered “mainstream” to believe in the Total State, and that the people are owned  by the State. These mainstreamers have contempt for the rights of the individual.

To advocate presumption of innocence and due process is “extreme.” In the name of fighting terrorism, everyone must be considered guilty until searched to prove one’s innocence, even though it has been the U.S. government, in its extremist self-perpetuation lust for power, that has been most guilty of terrorizing the American people.

In 1990-91, President George H. W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, a country that was of no threat to the U.S. whatsoever, based on lies and propaganda, and for the sake of serving his corporatist masters, was “mainstream.” The U.S. military’s intentional destruction of Iraqi water and sewage treatment facilities, followed by sanctions to prevent rebuilding and thus force the Iraqis to use untreated water, leading to skyrocketing disease and cancer rates and the deaths of hundreds of thousands, as well as widespread anti-Americanism, yes, that was “mainstream.”

Oh, and quite “mainstream” was Janet Nazi Reno’s invasion of Waco and the murders of many children as well as adults. “Mainstream.”

And, speaking of communists, rather than repeal each and every price-distorting, economy-slowing medical and insurance-related regulation, bureaucracy, mandate, tax, fee, and otherwise intrusion that already existed, Romney-Obama come in and want to further regulate and mandate us to death with their government UnhealthyCare that will drive many doctors out of the profession and give us only those doctors from government schools and colleges and who don’t mind being government employees and slaves of the State. That’s considered “mainstream.”

But Ron Paul is an “extremist.”

One thing that I’ve heard Dr. Paul state in interviews is that he wants people to “have their freedom.” Can you believe that? A politician who actually wants us to have our freedom? How many other politicians or candidates actually say that they want us to be “free”? That’s because they don’t want us to be free. They want themselves to have power, that’s what they really want. But they are “mainstream.”

Gag. Me. With. A. Spoon.

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