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On the Infantile Behaviors and Motivations of the Statists

Apparently, Anthony Weiner was being “followed by” a 17-year-old girl on Facebook, and maybe vice versa. This, in addition to the other information that has thus far been revealed, makes me wonder just how stupid people would have to be to get themselves in the kind of situation Weiner is in in the first place. Don’t these people ever think about possible consequences before doing something that even those with the most average intelligence would know is extremely questionable?

What we are seeing in Anthony Weiner’s behaviors is an extreme lack of good judgment on his part, which merely reflects that of many people there in Washington. Just what is Weiner thinking when he decides to send photos of himself to others? Doesn’t he know that such behavior might very likely be known and publicized? Couldn’t he anticipate that that would likely happen?

And, aren’t such behaviors typical of people with an extremely immature personality? Do we really want such immature extended-adolescents making the laws of the country that we all must follow?

This kind of personal lacking of judgment and common sense reflects in these politicians’ judgment on things in general, as they insist on making new laws, regulations and schemes to force on the rest of us, and as they destroy so many lives and so much property and wealth in the process.

The reason that Weiner and so many others in Washington are lacking in good judgment and common sense and rational thought is because that federal central government is a place of power, and that centralized power attracts those with that very mindset of infantile, regressive thinking, people who are immature and so lacking in self-worth that they need to make up for it by attaining positions of great power over others. Their judgment, therefore, is also infantile and lacking in rational deliberation.

For example, just look at Weiner’s positions on medical care, as well as “Cap-n-Trade.” Like Obama, Weiner  wants a Soviet-style, government-run medical care system, in which the doctors are government employees and the government is the insurer. It’s not just a matter of lack of historical knowledge regarding other places in which such government-run systems cause disastrous results economically and medically, as well as becoming politically oppressive, such as in the Soviet Union. But it shows that the designers of these schemes would have to be living in an utter fantasy world, totally removed from the reality of how a society’s giving some people (bureaucrats, government doctors, and their enforcers, the police) such intrusive powers — and worse, making it compulsory upon the people — is just like putting the fox in the henhouse. They turn the government, originally to be the “protector” of society, into being the primary violator and predator of society, of the people’s lives, liberty and property.

And in “Cap-n-Trade,” based on fraudulent, bogus “science,” something Weiner also supports, we have policies — again, compulsory upon the people — that are based on outright criminality — forcing everyone to use poisonous, hazardous light bulbs, mandating crappy vehicles that cause accidents, etc., and to give certain favored corporations such as G.E. special government-granted privileges and profits — and based on the childish, infantile, irrational fantasies of these activists, politicians and lobbyists. The poor judgment of these people pushing these policies reflects emotion-driven, unthinking ideological fantasizing and a truly infantile mindset.

However, this immature, infantile lack of good judgment is not just with the people on the left, such as Weiner and Nancy Smelgrosi, but also with the people on the right, such as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and other internationalist-globalist central-planning elitists and neocons (such as Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld and Doug Feith, who ruined Iraq) and their “journalistic” propagandists (such as Irving and Bill Kristol, and Jonah Goldberg).

In their grandiose fantasy world, the neocon socialists set out to design the Middle-East to be how they fantasized it should be. They had designs of what a society ought to be, how it should be formed, and, like the leftists, they set out to implement their dreams and caused nothing but destruction and havoc.

The forming of the current state of Israel was also based on a fantasy, and with lack of good judgment.

Israel is an example of an artificial State in a territory by conquest, based on an unrealistic, grandiose vision and in the name of realizing child-like fantasies as told in the Bible.

Now, there is nothing wrong with people who want to believe in the stories of the Bible, and sorry if I’m offending anyone here.  But there are a lot of things that especially Christian Zionists don’t know about Israel. (For those who are interested in learning more than what our government news media tell us, this post contains a list of links for further info.)

The 20th Century political Zionists used government force and aggression to impose their grand design for a “safe haven for Jews worldwide,” based solely on Biblical scriptures and no other reason, and insisted on Palestine and only Palestine and would consider no other territory anywhere else in the world, even if it meant displacing the indigenous Arab inhabitants of that territory (a procedure going on for many decades, that some people refer to as “ethnic cleansing”).

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