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Coulter Reveals Her Socialist Love for the State

In her column this week, Get Rid of Government — But First Make Me President!, Ann Coulter is certainly far more critical of Ron Paul than she has been before, such as last year during the CPAC event in which she said she agreed with Ron Paul on everything except foreign policy. Miss Coulter especially bashes Dr. Paul this week for his views on separating marriage and State.

On marriage, Miss Coulter responds to Dr. Paul’s statement that one should not have to get a license by the State to be married. Coulter asks,

If state governments stop officially registering marriages, then who gets to adopt? How are child support and child custody issues determined if the government doesn’t recognize marriage? How about a private company’s health care plans — whom will those cover? Who has legal authority to issue “do not resuscitate” orders to doctors?…

Who inherits in the absence of a will? Who is entitled to a person’s Social Security and Medicare benefits? How do you know if you’re divorced and able to remarry?…

Miss Coulter seems to think that government officials should decide on who gets to adopt children and who decides on child custody disagreements, and that is why we must “register” our private marriages and marital contracts with the government.

This is the socialists’ argument, the one in favor of the bureaucratization of everyday life, and that insists that the people are owned by the State and therefore must “register” with the State for its high-and-mighty permission so that we may arrange our private contracts and relationships according to the State’s approval in order to live our private lives in “pursuit of happiness.” Socialists like Coulter seem to be terrified of the idea of private contracts and private third-party arbitrators to settle disputes.

Here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, there is a history of state social workers’ gross incompetence when it comes to overseeing child adoption and foster care. And corruption. (See here, here, and here for examples of the State’s adoption/foster care racket.) Do we really want social workers, agents of the State, to decide on who gets to adopt what children, or who gets to be foster parents? When it comes to who has the allegiance of agents of the State, there is no stronger loyalty than to the State itself, and its pathological hunger for control over the people, especially the children. It’s just like in the government-run schools, only worse.

But the problem is when you give some compulsory State monopoly the power of ultimate decision-making, its decisions will ultimately be bad decisions, and self-serving decisions as well. I wouldn’t trust State-employed social workers with any kids. It is these State social workers, at least here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, who are best known for repeatedly placing children into abusive families, in which several children have been murdered. And the abusive families tend to be heterosexual couples. (Miss Coulter seems to be worried about gay-married couples adopting children.)

But there would be much less of a need to worry about who gets to adopt or foster-care children when we have a market-based system in place. Private firms that specialized in adoption and foster-care would run on a competitive basis, and based on word-of-mouth, proven competence and so on. To give the State the moral authority as final, ultimate decision-maker to approve or disapprove of these situations is quite totalitarian.

With a compulsory State monopoly, case after case the agents of the State are never accountable and their incompetence and corruption are rewarded, as is the case in any endeavor controlled and managed by the State. In a market-based system, however, private case workers would actually work under scrutiny of the rule of law, and the bad case workers will be weeded out by the free marketplace. (I know, I know, it is a little hard for people so indoctrinated to trust the State’s control over everything to hear “marketplace” combined with “child adoption.” Should we really trust free people to be responsible?)

But if you look at the history of the State’s involvement in these personal family matters, the judgment of the State-employed social workers should never be trusted, because they are… State-employed. Remember, as the old saying goes, “Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach, administrate. Those who can’t administrate, become State-employed social workers.”

As far as marriage per se, it is a private relationship, a private contract, and none of anyone else’s business, and certainly none of the State’s business. Each individual has a right to marry. Yes, it is a right, and it doesn’t matter what the genders are of those involved. Miss Coulter seems to believe that the individual is owned by the State, hence her view that one must “register” with the State and get the State’s permission to marry. However, if you agree with Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence, you would agree that the individual owns one’s own life, and has a right to do with one’s own life whatever one wants, as long as one is peaceful, including establishing voluntary contracts with others, in business or pleasure.

Alas, conservative socialists such as Ann Coulter who love the State and believe that the State should have some ultimate authority over the people’s private marriages, child adoption and other private family matters, are in the same camp with the social engineering fanatics of the Left.

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