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We Used to Have a “Bill of Rights” – Now We Have Bills of Crap

Today on 96.9 “Boston Talks,” Michael Graham was discussing an increasingly popular policy of states taking away teens’ driver’s licenses to punish them for not graduating from high school, or to encourage them to stay in school and not drop out. I agree with Graham. If a teenager is not motivated to achieve academically, and prefers to work (as opposed to just dropping out to goof off and party, etc.), then he should have the freedom to do that.

In fact, schools are so bad these days, and many of the teachers are dumber than the students themselves, that, a kid dropping out of high school and getting a full-time job, or two part-time jobs, will learn a lot more from on-the-job experience, which may in turn motivate him later on to get a high school degree a few years later (which he is probably going to need at some point if he wants work that pays more than just that of a low-skill part-time job).

But the main point is, if a teen drops out of high school to work instead, how the hell is he going to be able to get to work if the State seizes his driver’s license?

Yet another thing that’s wrong with statism and fascism. This is an extremely immoral system we have, in which the individual’s right to travel and one’s right to work is so egregiously violated by officials and bureaucrats of the State.

But this idea of the stealing of driver’s license from teens is just small potatoes, compared to the thefts, trespasses and violence that our criminals “public officials” commit each and every day.

In fact, Thomas Knapp had this excellent article yesterday on the “Self-Service State“:

…Progressives and other naifs once dreamed of the “full service” state: Cradle-to-grave health benefits, guaranteed job security and a complimentary mint on your pillow from Uncle Sugar. What we got instead, and what we’re always going to get, is the “self service” state: You help yourself if you can, while the state helps itself to anything and everything it wants.

The purpose of the state is to serve the state. To protect the state. To perpetuate the state. To grow the state’s power…

That’s why Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid get together behind closed doors, unvexed by trivialities like public debate, to ram an extension of the USA PATRIOT Act through the US Senate. It’s certainly not something they did for their constituents. It benefits only the state.

It’s why Congress is giving President Barack Obama a pass on his illegal war in Libya, entered into without congressional declaration. That war has now continued past even the unconstitutional “War Powers Resolution” deadline without the requisite congressional approval — but hey, he sent a polite note informing Congress he doesn’t give a damn about the law and appreciates their support in violating it. And they’ll blink — (because) once the state has acted, its actions must always be supported and never, ever questioned.

It’s why it never seems to have crossed Obama’s mind that the “legitimate” job of White House staff might not involve actively propagandizing America on the Inherent Goodness of Dear Leader. Whatever justification we’re offered for creating the position of “Director of Progressive Media & Online Response,” the position’s purpose is to … gently assist … the serfs in learning to love their master.

“To secure these rights …?” If you’re still buying that one, let’s talk real estate. I’ve got some for you. Oceanfront. In Arizona. Priced to sell.

“To serve and protect?” Yeah, right. Ask Jose Guerena about that one. Wait, you can’t. He’s dead. After diligent service to the state himself, he fell inadvertently ran afoul of one of his own employer’s death squads earlier this month.

The state serves only itself — and demands that you serve it too. Like any parasite, it will happily kill its host to further engorge itself. Your only possible escape from that fate is to pry its teeth out of your skin, throw it to the ground, and stomp on it, hard.

Or at least, the federal State, the U.S. government. Here is a post by Stephan Kinsella on how the U.S. Justice (sic) Department is threatening the Texas state legislature to not pass the bill that outlaws sexual molestation committed by TSA Nazis, literally threatening, as Kinsella puts it, a “no-fly zone” over Texas. This is yet another example of why states need to secede or at least nullify federal laws, policies, mandates, restrictions, etc. that violate the rights of the people of the various states. As Knapp noted above, the State (especially the federal government) exists to perpetuate itself, as it parasitically feeds off the actual producers and workers of the society. The bigger the State (such as the federal government), the more parasitic and the more abusive.

And don’t forget, the government — or, the “State” — is not just some non-living material object that just happens to exist. The State is made up of professional career politicians and bureaucrats, many or most of whom have never had a real job their entire adult lives. And those who are at the highest levels would be the least employable in the private sector, and tend to be the ones of the least credible and least principled moral character. What did Barack Obama ever do that was productive and was an actual service to his fellow citizens? Bomb Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen? Impose federal medical intrusions against innocent people who did nothing to deserve such abuses? Did he ever actually produce anything of actual value to others? Did George W. Bush? What about Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush, who started the first war in Iraq that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, that led to huge increase in widespread anti-Americanism and further terrorist retaliation against us?

In an article today, Paul Craig Roberts mentions how the idea of Presumption of Innocence is not understood by the younger generations, and by many in today’s degenerated culture in America. Roberts was referring to IMF weirdo Strauss-Con’s right to presumption of innocence. Yes, every human being has a God-given right to presumption of innocence, and any accusation against one of crimes must be proven beyond any reasonable doubt. The reason for this is that any one of us could possibly be targeted by agents of the State, by a neighbor, a “disgruntled employee” (or disgruntled employer), and falsely accused of something, and some innocent individual’s life then made miserable. You need hard evidence to convict someone of guilt of a crime of which one is accused, because if you don’t have that hard evidence, then you have to let him go.

Everyone has a right to be presumed innocent of anything, and otherwise left alone, especially by the State. We need to get rid of each and every State-imposed intrusion into our lives, regulations, mandates, restrictions, licensing laws, in which the individual is forced to report something of a personal nature to the State that is none of the government’s damn business. All these State-imposed intrusions are the State’s way of expressing presumed guilt of the individual (the State’s victim), with the burden on the individual to “prove one’s innocence.” Only those who practice moral relativism believe any of this is a good thing.

And finally, given how our Congress in loathsome Washington is ignorantly and self-destructively going to pass the four-year extension of the Unpatriotic Act (that they didn’t even read before passing it in the first place) that violates everyone’s right to presumption of innocence as well as rights to private property, freedom of association, violates the Fourth, Fifth and other Amendments to the CONstitution, how the ignorant lowlifes also passed Obama’s Soviet medical plan without reading that either (oh, that’s right, “Harry Can’t Reid”), is it any surprise that these neanderthals gave so much praise to the racist war criminal from Israel, Nutty-Yahoo?

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