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On Humanity’s Never-Ending Crap

Australian journalist John Pilger has this piece on Australia’s “dirty secret” of its racist and apartheid-like treatment of the Australian Aboriginal people, and media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s mass propaganda campaign against them.

The Australian publishes long articles that present Aboriginal people not unsympathetically but as perennial victims of each other, “an entire culture committing suicide”, or as noble primitives requiring firm direction: the eugenicist’s view. It promotes Aboriginal “leaders” who, by blaming their own people for their poverty, tell the white elite what it wants to hear. The writer Michael Brull parodied this: “Oh White man, please save us. Take away our rights because we are so backward.”

This is also the government’s view. In railing against what it called the “black armband view” of Australia’s past, the conservative government of John Howard encouraged and absorbed the views of white supremacists — that there was no genocide, no Stolen Generation, no racism; indeed, whites are the victims of “liberal racism”. A collection of far-right journalists, minor academics and hangers-on became the antipodean equivalent of David Irving Holocaust deniers. Their platform has been the Murdoch press.

Ouch. And Pilger asserts that much of the government-thefts of lands from the Aboriginals has been for the purpose of stealing their precious natural resources. But is that very much different from how Western governments have been treating the inhabitants of Middle Eastern and Asian territories? After all, the only reason that the British Empire, the U.S. Empire and other Western governments have had anything to do with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran and other areas there has been because of oil. If there were no oil there , there would be no West in the Middle East.

One radio commentator I heard recently noted that (paraphrasing), “We haven’t invaded, occupied and attempted to oust dictators in Africa.” (Except for Northern Africa, of course, such as Libya, because of…yup, oil.)

However — and I’ve mentioned this here before — when it comes to Israel, or Palestine, and the displacement and ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Arabs there, and the outright institutionalized anti-Arab racism and oppression there, the Western governments did not take over that territory to establish a new Westernized country for the sake of seizing natural resources. The primary reason for the takeover and occupation has not been as much to provide a “safe haven for Jews,” because Israel has been anything but a “safe haven for Jews,” but more for some people to realize their dream of bringing to life the Biblical scriptures they hold dear.

Some people have expressed a dislike of my telling the truth about Israel like that, but the truth is the truth. I was listening to Glenn Beck this morning, going on and on about Israel and the recent anniversary conflicts there. Over the past century, the Christian Zionists in particular, who have had great influence as part of the earlier British Empire and then the U.S. Empire of the West, have, in my view, taken advantage of those who have been more genuinely concerned for the actual welfare of Jews — and I believe that the Christian Zionists’ actions over the past century (via the compulsory and militarist apparatus of their governments) have not been in the name of helping Jews but in the name of actualizing the stories of the Bible. That is what the conquest has been all about.

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