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Election Irrationality

This morning on 96.9 “Boston Talks,” Jim and Margery were discussing the issue of campaign finance reform. Jim brought up how last year’s Republican senate candidate from Connecticut, Linda McMahon, the WWE wacko, spent millions on her own campaign, and the suggestion was that people shouldn’t be allowed to do that.

Of course, that argument doesn’t make any sense, given how McMahon lost her election to Democrat degenerate Richard Blumenthal. In fact, in California, goobernatorial candidate Meg Whitless lost her campaign as well, despite her having spent over $100 million of her own money. So what good would a rule be that forbids rich candidates from spending a certain number of millions of their own money on their own campaign?

One other example: Willard Romney, who wasted over $42 million of his own wealth on his losing 2008 presidential bid. (And probably more tens of millions on his losing 2012 presidential bid — Honestly, why bother, Mitt?)

You want campaign finance reform? I’ll give you campaign finance reform: People have a right to run for any public office they wish, and have a right to fund their campaign with their own money, or contribute any amount of their own money to any campaign they wish. That is their right, and stop interfering with it. It’s called freedom, baby. You don’t like that? Then go away — far, far away.

What good are these campaigns, anyway? Why even bother? There’s no point to any of this. This system we have is based on centralizing power and control, and this one institution in Washington, or state governments, etc., are given legally-protected monopolies while restricting the rights of others to enter such endeavors (such as community policing, etc.). Worse, the agents of this institution of government are legally permitted to be above the law. They are permitted to commit acts of theft, trespass and violence against others and get away with it. Who out there really thinks that such a system of moral bankruptcy and moral relativism should really exist in such a self-proclaimed “civilized” society? If you think that, then you’re nuts.

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