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Barack Stalin Obama

Thanks (but not really thanks) to Manuel Lora of the Lew Rockwell blog for the link to this depressing HuffPo article on Barack Obomber’s now wanting to use his executive power to work around Americans’ 2nd Amendment-protected God-given right of self-defense.

This is no surprise and goes with how Obomber’s lackeys on the Supreme Corpse have endorse total police power, the power of the police to barge into anyone’s property for any reason. Currently, the main reason has been because the police feel like it, but it will soon become reasons of political motivations, just as it was in Stalin’s Soviet Union and in Nazi Germany. For those who think this is just chicken-little-like paranoia of government, all you have to do is just read in the news or on the web every day how our protections from government encroachments and intrusions have been gradually eroded away. It will only get worse. These encroachments will be used by people with the power of the State on their side against those deemed a threat to their power, and against so-called “undesirables.”

This is why monopoly = totalitarianism. Americans have allowed the federal government — through the fraudulent CONstitution, and other UN-Constitutional ways — to have monopolies in one thing after another, from currency production to “defense.” Monopoly has been a destructive force in America, destructive of our liberty, property and our prosperity as well. The most dangerous monopolies have been in “national security” and community policing. As Anthony Gregory notes in his article today, the monopoly in community policing must be abolished. Only unrestricted, free competition amongst local policing organizations will actually protect a community from the thugs, the violent criminals and thieves and rapists. And it’s the State’s being given that monopoly in policing that has enabled the cops themselves to become the thugs, thieves and violent criminals.

Even more important than just free competition in community policing are the vigilant members of a well-armed citizenry. But Barack Obomber wants to remove the people’s means of self-defense, so they cannot defend themselves from the criminals employed by their governments. That’s the bottom line.

“Barack Stalin Obama.”

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