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Our Offensive Politicians Remind Me of Anti-German Basil Fawlty

Do Barack Obama, Lindsey Graham and John McCain seem like utter pests, just very annoying people whose constant ignorant prattle and warmongering seem to offend your intelligence and sensibilities? Do they offend people on foreign lands? And are The Donald and The Bernank the same way? And those paranoid, anti-Muslim “conservatives” on the radio as well?

Here is someone who reminds me of all of them, from the 1970s Britcom Fawlty Towers. Hotel manager Basil (played by John Cleese) returns to work after an early AWOL from the hospital where he was being treated for concussion. This scene is where Basil attends to some German guests. Basil is unfortunately overcome with post-World War II anti-German hysteria.

Now, please don’t complain about “hate speech,” etc. This is just a fictional dramatization. I’m just saying that the aforementioned people we hear in the news remind me of this character, that’s all. That’s how bad they are.

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