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The Imbecilic Central Planners of Western Governments

Several bloggers and columnists have been referring to the Western governments using and manipulating the uprisings and yearnings to be free amongst the Middle Eastern populations as a goal of having more Western control over Middle Eastern countries and governments. But there has been the implication that it is a planned agenda on the part of the globalists and central bankers. Well, there are those with their agendas who have been in positions of power and have been using governmental apparatus with which to implement their particular agendas, but what has really been “planned” has been, as Mises referred to, “planned chaos,” the true chaotic outcome of implementing the agenda of Central Planners.

But whether or not Western governments’ bureaucrats have been planning to control the Middle East, for oil or whatever, is debatable. I do not think that it’s a matter of TPTB stating, “Let’s draw up a plan for the West to control the oil-rich Arab (and Persian), Muslim nations,” because if that were the case, then our Western government leaders — if not long ago, then at least by now — would have used their forces to seize the Middle Eastern territories as “theirs,” primarily the U.S. (e.g. as compared to taking lands away from indigenous Native Americans, etc.), the U.S. having been the Global Emperor since World War II (i.e. the U.S. government would have seized the oil-rich Middle-Eastern territories and declared them as U.S. territories).

I can’t believe that government bureaucrats would instead devise a plan, stating, “Let’s take down the duly elected leader of Iran in 1953, replace him with a dictator with a brutal torture regime that assassinates political dissidents, and continue supporting that regime with the purpose of making Iran’s population become more and more religiously radicalized toward their uprising and Revolution in 1979 that will cause Iran to become a radicalized, anti-American Islamic Republic that will do everything it can to spread anti-American hatred and aggression across the globe.” I just find that hard to believe.

And I can’t believe that government bureaucrats would devise a plan, stating, “Let’s invade Iraq in 1990-91 (after encouraging Iraq to invade Kuwait) and intentionally destroy Iraq’s civilian infrastructure and thereby cause destroyed water and sewage treatment facilities, and cause disease and hundreds of thousands of deaths amongst the Iraqi population with the purpose of making them and their Muslim neighbors hate the West and especially the U.S. even more, so that they’ll strike back at the West, and give the U.S. government more excuses to further invade and occupy those territories (but not outright seize those territories directly by conquest).” I can’t believe that the Western government bureaucrats had deliberately set out to make such a foolish, self-destructive, counter-productive long-term plan. (Or did they?)

But actually that’s my point. The Western government bureaucrats over the past century have been the most enthusiastic yet imbecilic engineers of socialism’s goal to Centrally Plan the world toward some great socialist collective utopian society. Whatever the Central Plan is as set forth by the socialists (and fascists, communists, capitalists — there’s no difference in the end), the results are never as the Planners intended, because you cannot Centrally Plan a society. There is something called Human Action, and individual free will. Each of the billions of individuals in the world has one’s own agenda for one’s own individual life, and the individual’s needs, wants and desires just don’t fit in with Central Planners’ utopian fantasies.

For example, the Zionists starting in the late 19th Century wanted a safe homeland for Jews worldwide. They chose the land of Palestine, not based on practicality and reason, but based solely on a mysticism of Biblical scriptures. The Zionists would not consider any other territory anywhere else in the world, and their supporters used the compulsory apparatus of the State, particularly the Western governments of the U.S. and the British Empire, to eventually displace what had been an Arab majority of Palestine at the beginning of the 20th Century to turn that into a Jewish majority by mid-century.

The violence and civil strife that we have seen since the formal creation of the current state of Israel is what socialist Central Planning has wrought in the Middle East. Immersed in their fantasies based on Biblical mysticism, the Central Planners never really considered just how safe — or unsafe — Jews would be when placed right in the middle of a territory completely surrounded by millions and millions of Arabs and Muslims, particularly following the decades of Western governments’ wheeling and dealing, Arab displacement and disruptions of Arab and Muslim families that had been established for generations, for centuries.

The religious Zionists wanted a homeland for Jews, but didn’t realize that they were being used by the political “Zionists” in order to place what has essentially been a Western government in the middle of the non-Western Middle East. That may have been for the sake of ensuring that the oil in surrounding oil-rich areas made its way to the clients of the West, who knows. But this is another reason why I believe that socialism and its Central Planning intrusions are crimes.

The socialist Central Planners amongst today’s neoconservatives do not believe in a people’s right of self-determination, do not believe in the inalienable right of the individual to be free, and do not believe in property rights. That is why the neoconservatives sided with Mubarak against the Egyptian protesters, and insist on the paranoid fear-mongering that the uprisings are all controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Unfortunately, neoconservative journalists, broadcasters, and other apologists for State aggression (such as Limbaugh, Kristol, Palin, Beck, NRO, etc.) have been unwitting dupes of the socialist Central Planners of the U.S. government (such as Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Rumsfeld, Cheney and the two Bushes, etc.) and their socialist Central Planning agendas.

So, with regard to the assertion that the mess in the Middle East (and Asia) that the U.S. government has wrought (and wants to worsen with more intrusions) is all part of a Big Plan, I really don’t believe it. We know what these Central Planners’ Big Plans have been, which are in fantasy, la-la land and total make-believe (perhaps drug-enhanced, I don’t know), and not with the real world. The consequences of their illicit actions by use of the compulsory apparatus of the State have been the Planned Chaos that Mises (and Hayek)  was talking about.

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