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Saturday in the Winter (Too Much Snow)

If you live in the Northeast or other areas overwhelmed with snow over the past two weeks, it would be wise to check the sides of your buildings where there are heating or gas dryer vents, and clear away built-up snow to avoid possible carbon monoxide poisoning. According to the Connecticut Department of  Emergency Management & Homeland Security, via

Newer heating systems are more vulnerable to these issues because of the location of these vents, which are installed much lower on the side wall of a home. Homeowners should take the following precautions to ensure their safety:

  • Have a properly operating carbon monoxide detector
  • Keep the fresh air intake and exhaust vent free from snow or ice build-up
  • Find the inlets and outlets of your furnace by looking at the heating equipment and following the intake back to where it penetrates the wall.
  • Check the area outside to ensure no snow is blocking the vents
  • Keep alert for symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure.

Symptoms and effects of carbon monoxide poisoning vary between individuals, even at the same level of exposure. People typically experience flu-like symptoms, including dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headache or vomiting.

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