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Reading the Constitution in Congress and Raising the Debt Ceiling

So, the congressman who wants to play “Constitution Reading Aloud,” Rep. Bob Goodlatte, supported Internet censorship even though the Supreme Court overturned his own Internet censorship bill, and tells Lawrence O’Donnell that he doesn’t know where in the Constitution the minimum wage is authorized. Yes, the GOP: “Grand Old Pinheads.” So let’s be symbolic now, and waste time in Congress reading the Constitution. Ooooo, what fun. As I noted a few days ago, since when do the Republijerks care about the Constitution, especially when so many of them have supported one government violation after another of due process, the presumption of innocence, the right to be free from warrantless searches and the right to be free from self-incrimination, and the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment? The Demojerks are just as bad.

The Constitution is not that great a thing to have, anyway. All it does is automatically empower the federal government over the states and thereby reverses the idea that the states are the boss and the federal government is their “employee,” so to speak. The Constitution reverses that philosophy and makes the states subservient to the federal government, and makes the people the subjects and slaves of the centralized bureaucracy.

How about reading the Declaration of Independence? Have these nudnik ignoramuses in DC ever heard of that thing? It’s actually the Declaration of Independence that recognizes the inherent rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that all individuals have — and those are individual rights, not collective rights. The Declaration protects the rights of the individual, while the Constitution actually cancels out those inherent, inalienable rights. And also, the Declaration encourages the people to abolish the federal government when it becomes destructive of their Liberty (which it has been for well over a century now). I don’t think the Constitution does that. Oh well.

And as Jacob Hornberger noted yesterday regarding the debt ceiling, I think that we will see which members of the “cutting spending” blowhards will actually put their money where their loud mouths are when the vote whether to raise the debt ceiling comes up. When Congress votes to raise the debt ceiling, they will be telling us that they don’t believe in responsible governance, that they don’t believe in cutting pork out of budgets and they don’t care about their grandchildren’s future or our grandchildren’s future.

However, these people in Washington, whose most commonly spoken words are “oink, oink,” merely reflect Americans’ habits in general. For many, many decades, Americans by and large have made “saving for the future” an idea to be found in ancient history. Nobody saves, not really, they have been spending like drunken sailors, and the congressjerks are merely representing such an immediate-gratification oriented population that America has become.

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