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The Ongoing WikiLeaks Soap Opera, and More…

Glenn Greenwald has this lengthy and confusing post today, with detail after detail regarding the ongoing soap opera drama that is the Bradley Manning-Adrian Lamo-Kevin Poulsen-Wired-WikiLeaks affair. Supposedly, Kevin Poulsen of Wired online only published 25% of the chat cables between alleged WikiLeaker Manning and the one who turned him in, Adrian Lamo, and Greenwald suggests that the other 75% of the chat cables are being suppressed by Poulsen. Greenwald is emphasizing the un-journalistic nature of Poulsen’s suppression of that information, but is saying that there’s really a lot more to this whole story.

It looks to me like there may actually be reason to believe that the allegations against Manning may actually be based on fabricated chat logs. Greenwald linked to this post by Marcy Wheeler, and apparently, there were time gaps, in which Lamo was fixing “technical issues” during their chats. All that looks very suspicious to me, now. What would be the motive for anyone to attempt to falsely accuse Manning of leaking classified documents? Well, apparently, Manning has had troubles in these past two years prior to this whole WikiLeaks fiasco, according to this article that Greenwald linked to.  And it appears also that Manning is gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. (But it’s possible that some people with ill intent may not like the fact that he’s gay.) Also, the one who turned Manning in to the government, Lamo, is a convicted felon and was involuntarily hospitalized, just three weeks before his chats with Manning, for “severe psychiatric distress,” according to Greenwald. This whole thing just doesn’t pass the smell test, if you ask me.

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